Create the best learning environments

Public and private education institutions are confronted with the same challenges: to enhance students’ performance, avoid job fluctuation of teaching staff, ensure the highest security and comply with sustainable building requirements – all while improving the well-being of those involved.

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain Education Building - Universität Rostock

Let students and teachers thrive

Studies show that students learn more than 20% faster in a classroom with natural light and views of the outdoors. We have gained extensive experience on how to use glass to let natural light in. At the same time our glass solutions passively protect the occupants of such buildings from threats such as fire, physical attack and intrusion. Our goal is to pass on this knowledge to support you during the design phase of your next educational building project.

The benefits of glass include the ease of mind of feeling protected. Glass makes a lecture hall more safe and comfortable, work and studying sessions more appealing, and a library space more conducive to cognitive processes. Therefore, put as much thought into planning the learning environment as into devising a curriculum, so that students can thrive.

  • Private and public schools
  • Daycare facilities
  • Kindergarten
  • Boarding schools
  • Universities and colleges
  • Libraries
  • Student homes
  • Research facilities
  • Faculties and departments