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Together we can protect life and property in great living places. Discover our range of fire-resistant and high-security glass solutions.

Secli Weinwelt


Back in 1980 we were the first company uniquely specialized in the development, manufacture and distribution of sustainable fire-resistant and security glass of the highest resistance classes. For us, there can be no compromise: People’s safety always comes first. We offer the best operational efficiency for our customers, maximum comfort and peace of mind for our end users and superb aesthetic quality and multifunctionality for designers and architects all around the world.

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  • Founded 1980 in Switzerland

  • Active in more than 60 countries

  • 7 primary production sites on 3 continents

  • Over 840 employees worldwide

The Vetrotech Product Range

Your glazing challenge is our expertise. Our broad range of products deliver solutions for many glazing applications. Get in touch with us for your next special glazing project. Let’s find a solution together.


Our life-safety, fire-resistant and high-security glass products are suitable for a variety of glazed building applications requiring complimentary protection, while blending seamlessly into the architectural design. Solutions depend upon systems and are always tested together. We partner with a wide array of regional and international system specialists to provide reliable and certified glazing solutions.



Glass makes for high-quality partition walls and creates elegant open spaces. Glass partitions fulfil the acoustic and privacy requirements that allow for an undisturbed, focused collaboration in a stimulating work environment – a perfect design solution for buildings of all kinds. By using transparent and versatile fire-resistant glass you can enhance beautiful interior spaces with the protection level you require.



Glazing in the facade can present a unique set of challenges – in addition to the building envelope’s solar, thermal, acoustic or other design requirements. The most important, on the one hand, is the prevention of fire spread from floor to floor, to adjacent buildings or areas of refuge. On the other hand, it’s important to address the security challenge of intrusion, bullet or blast incidents – especially in combination with fire-resistance.



Glazed floors are a striking design element and create a strong visual impact. They open up a whole new dimension by allowing daylight to deeply penetrate into building interiors. Fire-resistant glass floors prevent the transfer of heat and maintain their load-bearing properties in the event of fire. With our flexible and multifunctional life-safety glass products your floor can be customized to suit your wishes.



Skylights and sloped glazing are in popular demand where natural light is used to create spacious and open architecture. At the same time the performance of such solutions must cover fire-resistance or resilience to threats from outside or inside the building to prevent their spread.



Glazed fire doors provide the aesthetical openness of ordinary door systems while protecting against threats like fire, smoke or physical attacks. Fire doors with anti-panic requirements may be equipped with high-security glass to reach RC classifications.



We offer a range of glasses for life-safety windows that are resistant to fire, attack, bullet and blast. Windows often need to be openable, which can pose a risk when it comes to fire or security protection. Together with our system partners we offer solutions to face this threat anytime and anyplace.


Access to natural light and to exterior space has been shown to make people feel more energetic, productive and inspired. We have developed the expertise and products to help you design and execute your next project according to the most stringent fire and security requirements, always keeping the occupants’ safety and the buildings’ performance in mind.

You name it, we make it

It’s always in the details. We at Vetrotech are dedicated to making your project as special as possible by focusing on not just delivering a standard option but by going the extra mile. Design-assisting your project is part of our DNA. We love accepting your design challenge and adapting our solutions together with you. Take advantage of our capabilities and expertise to make your project shine in the areas of safety, comfort, design and sustainability.

Sustainability Saint-Gobain
Let us protect the future together

This commitment is driven by our Glass Forever program and benefits from the support of all our stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, suppliers and many more. Our vision is to grow and differentiate our business, while improving our environmental footprint and increasing our contribution to people’s well-being.

Tempered Advantage
The tempered advantage
Complete your projects on time

Our fire-resistant glass products are processed with tempered safety glass that is robust and flexible. It reduces the chance of breakage during routine jobsite storage, handling and installation, and thus limits costly delays to ensure on-time project completion. The end users profit from less maintenance cost in facility management and decreased injury risk from accidents.

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain - Services Fire Testing
Full Testing
You can be sure, because we are

Our fire-resistant glass and high-security glazing solutions are rigorously tested under the most stringent conditions and according to international industry standards. Each year, we conduct nearly 500 tests. In addition to the performance testing of fire and security resistance, we are capable of conducting environmental and durability testing and simulation. Benefit from our specialist expertise to find and develop the right solution for your next life-safety glazing project.

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain Global Reach
Global and local presence
Worldwide Vetrotech

Vetrotech has grown to become the worldwide reference in fire-resistant and high security glazing. We are actively selling in more than 60 countries. Due to our dedication and specialist role in the life-safety glazing business we can assist you in any project anywhere in the world with global logistics and local support. Let’s talk about your next fire-resistant and security glazing project and how we can support you to make it a success.

Contraflam Filling
Quality at its best
No errors allowed

Our commitment to being “on the safe side” drives all of us every day to ultimate excellence. We don’t take a chance when it comes to high-end products, innovation, global logistics and of course customer service. Regardless where our products are manufactured around the world, they are produced with the same equipment, processes and high quality standards to ensure consistent reliability. Be a part of making this world a safer place.