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The STADIP product family is synonymous with laminated glass. The lamination process takes the safety and pressure impact capabilities of our ISO 614 tempered glass (SECURIT) to another level. After being tempered, two pieces of glass are pressed together with a sheet of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between. Our wide selection of PVB films serve different purposes, like noise reduction (STADIP Silence) or weight saving attributes (STADIP Lite) to mention a few.


The glass “sandwiches” are pressed, vacuumed, and heated, and as a result become transparent, providing a clear view of the open seas. At the same time, protection against high impact waves, passenger safety and weight saving are ensured. 

Some ships are required to sail through hostile waters where piracy thrives. In such cases, it is important to always be prepared for numerous types of attack or catastrophic events. With the right combination of laminated panes, you help ensure the safety of everyone on board with STADIP Marine VETROGARD. 


If you need to save on weight either in the hull or upper structure, think Stadip Lite. Laminated glass can also be used for roofs, floors, or extra impact protection in the hull. For peaceful sleeping quarters, Stadip Silence can add a new level of comfort and noise reduction. The hull, being closest to sea level, may be seen as the most vulnerable location for an attack, resulting in the need for Stadip Vetrogard. Interior applications may include attack resistance for casinos, ATM/banks and other vulnerable locations aboard the vessel.



Stadip Lite

Another way to achieve an optimal energy efficient level on board, is by using weigh saving solutions. The glazing facing towards the outside of the ship, needs to withstand the pressure from the waves and the wind. For that reason, very often heavy laminated glass is necessary in order to ensure that the glass complies with the mechanical strength required, in order to ensure passenger safety and the protection of the goods on board.  

This translates into additional weight for the vessel. With STADIP Lite, we are able to comply with the pressure regulations while offering a thinner and lighter solution. 

Stadip Lite


Lloyd’s Register has awarded STADIP Lite product range with a certificate for its compliance with the minimum deflection levels Specific project approval is available on request. 


Our STADIP Silence solution offers a laminated glass with a specially designed PVB foil, that ensures noise reductions letting the passengers on board relax and not be disturbed by external noise.

STADIP Silence can serve as a luxury, but also as a necessity. When on a passenger vessel, quiet cabins provide a comfortable atmosphere no matter what is going on in the public areas. For workers on offshore structures, quiet quarters are a must. Shielding employees from loud machinery and other operational processes allows for optimal rest and relaxation. 


Three main types of risks need to be considered aboard a ship or offshore structure: 

  • Physical attack, both planned attacks and opportunistic damage (such as vandalism and theft)
  • Ballistic impact (firearms of various calibres, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns)
  • Explosion impact (bombs, machinery malfunction)

Each attack scenario is different. The potential risks and threats have to be evaluated for each situation. With VETROGARD, we can help you be prepared and stay on the safe side. VETROGARD offers supreme protection against all forms of attacks (BR1 to BR7, EN 1063).  

Key Benefits associated with our Stadip Marine product family:


As a result of the laminates used, the internal glass of Stadip® Lite remains intact when impact of a firm material occurs to the external side of the glass, whereas monolithic tempered glass will fragment when broken. This keeps cabins and public spaces watertight and operational at all times. Stadip Marine Vetrogard will help keep passengers safe from attacks.


Weight savings on glass of up to 41.7% can be achieved, and as a result of the thinner composition, additional savings can be achieved with the frame and steelwork.

Cost effective

Having less weight contributes to a more sustainable ship and to the reduction of CO2 emissions, following the trend towards a greener environment.

Clear visibility

Using Stadip® Lite offers a better optical quality of vision due to the lamination selected.

Design freedom

The structural strength that Stadip Lite brings allows it to be used in larger panes, and so minimizes limitations, allowing designers to create objects freely while still complying with all required regulations.

Increased comfort

Sound reduction allows for the right amount of rest and relaxation

Fire and/or high security
Safety, Comfort, Design or Sustainable
Life-safety + Multifunctionality

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