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Comfort and design go hand-in-hand in creating an enjoyable atmosphere aboard a vessel. From colored glass and film interlayers, screen-printed designs and textures to sound-reduction, climate control and privacy options, Vetrotech can help you build a welcoming, state-of-the-art vessel with our innovative comfort and design glazed solutions



When it comes to design possibilities in glass, we believe the sky is the limit. Textures in glass, colors, prints, shapes, and details such as black borders create a pleasant environment. Design and perfect finishing are necessary to meet and exceed passenger expectations during their travel, especially for commercial vessels such as cruises and ferries.


Glass Colors

Next to our standard glass, PLANICLEAR, some of our top selling colored glass include:

For thicker glass build-ups, an extra-clear solution such as our low-iron DIAMANT® glass can provide an optimal view. This ultra-transparency is realized through a special production process and ingredients used. Our DIAMANT® glass is commonly used for Yachts and other projects requiring an optimal view.

Other coloring options include colored films between two glass sheets, sold as a laminated glass solution. Color-Printing Ceramic colors can be used to create patterns and other images on our glass surfaces. Our screen-printing solution, SERALIT, provides both stylish as well as safety features to a diverse range of glass applications. When used in flooring, the color spots serve as an anti-slip solution. Screen-prints are available in multiple colors and pattern possibilities.

Glass colors

Our EMALIT solution provides windows and other glass services with beautiful borders. Border colors, for example in black, ease the installation process by providing more room to work with at the edges. Glue or other products won’t be visible this way.

PICTUREit is a versatile and reliable glass support for the expression of one’s sense of aesthetics and for the communication of visual messages. PICTUREit uses enamel inks to print on glass and can provide an extra level of extravagance and expression to a ship’s interior.


For cruise ships, typically where passengers pay for a luxurious experience, comfort is a must. For oil rigs and other off-shore platforms, comfort is a basic need for employees in order to be able to perform their jobs at the highest level. In addition and in many cases, it is not only comfort which is needed - also protection from machinery noise is mandatory to comply with health and safety regulations. It can get quite crowded on a ship which is why privacy and sound control are an integral part to the comfort of its passengers. With products like STADIP SILENCE, PRIVALITE and more, we support you to contribute to your crews and passengers well-being. Since light factors strongly influence the perception of one’s surroundings, we offer butt-joint solutions to bring as much light into the ship as possible. From leisure to professional applications, Vetrotech’s glazing solutions can meet your comfort requirements.


Standard tinted glass

Certain glass coatings allow for a tinted appearance which can both help provide a level of thermal control as well as reach desired reflection levels and provide a certain level of privacy:

Standard tinted glass

Dynamically tintable glass

PRIVA-LITE is an active glass which, under the effect of an electric current, switches from translucent to transparent with no alteration of light transmission. Light transmission is almost identical in the transparent and translucent states.


To achieve desired reduced acoustic values, glass needs to be processed in lamination or in a double-glazed unit (DGU) build-up. For laminated glass, we developed a specific acoustic film to place between the lamination called STADIP Silence. For the DGU build-ups, a specific calculation needs to be made to establish the required acoustic reduction. Whether laminated or DGU, we can help you reach your sound reduction needs.


Thermal control

Our wide range of coatings will help you keep the optimal temperature aboard your vessel. From passenger cabins to restaurants and other public areas, Vetrotech’s glazing solutions can help keep all passengers comfortable while at the same time save energy and operate more sustainably.

Find out more about our energy efficient product here.



The design and comfort options mentioned above are just some possibilities of what Vetrotech can offer. These elements can easily be combined with several other performance enhancements, leading to a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for everyone on board.


Energy efficiency

Weight saving

Pressure and attack resistance

Heated glass