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There are only a few environments tougher than the deep sea. Which means that the glass requirements to maintain all the passengers safe can become quite complex, requiring different glass compositions into one window.

When it comes to multifunctionality regarding marine glazing, Vetrotech offers its support on creating the right glass composition specifically for the needs of your project. What we mean by multifunctionality, is the possibility to virtually combine all our solutions to truly have the best quality on board while ensuring to maximize passengers' comfort and safety. There is often the need to combine safety solutions such as fire rated and pressure resistance in combination with design and comfort.

At Vetrotech this is not a problem, we offer our services to assess and guide you to have the most optimal solutions tailored made for your project. Whatever your project’s architectural vision, we can customize our product range to meet your specific safety, comfort, design and sustainability requirements. Whether it is a restaurant that requires a certain glass values for optimal passenger comfort that in addition needs to withstand the impact of the waves and wind, or a heatable glass window for the wheelhouse that must also be fire rated, we will guide you every step of the way and deliver the product that matches your needs. At Vetrotech, safety is our number one priority, and the maritime industry must follow very strict regulations in order to ensure passenger safety. At Vetrotech we are able to follow all relevant regulations for marine glazing for all the different applications on the vessel, ensuring to follow the FTP Code, ISO 614, ISO 3434 and more.

Standard life-safety solution
Fire and/or high-pressure
Extended range of features
Safety, Comfort, Design or Sustainability
Your customized solution
Life-safety + Multifunctionality