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SageGlass Marine

Electronically tintable glass - an intelligent and dynamic solar control solution and so much more

More and more ship designs are characterized by their large expanses of glass. Passengers like to feel connected to the outdoors – to see nature and benefit from natural daylight – while still feeling protected from the heat and glare of the sun in a comfortable indoor climate. SageGlass® Marine is the solution to all of these demands.


Whatever day rhythm passengers on a ship have, SageGlass® Marine has the unique property to adapt to every activity happening at every moment during the day. Basically this glass will reduce the cooling load at sea by dynamically adapting to the sun path and angle at all times. Passengers experience an exclusive feeling of well-being and comfort and will spend more time on the ship. As a consequence of the dynamic characteristics, costs for maintenance on blinds and shades both externally and internally will eliminated.

The lowest set point at 1% light transmission will control glare to an absolute minimum creating an environment pleasant to both passengers and crew.


Individual zone control with LightZone™ With the ingenious LightZone™ function, SageGlass® can regulate the amount of sun that penetrates a window in three individual tint zones. In other words, three different levels of glare protection and daylight entry are possible within the same pane.

SageGlass® Harmony is the newest generation providing a smooth transition that speaks to the human eye, to super high-level designs as well as to residential areas such as cabins and lounges.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Easy to install and activate
  • Regulates daylight and heat transmission which results in energy savings
  • Save on expensive mechanical shading and air conditioning systems
  • Reduced glare
  • Clear view of the outdoors from a comfortable interior environment Request help from our SageGlass®

Marine experts to optimize your design, select your SageGlass® Marine control strategy, and prepare the installation.


SageGlass® Marine is perfectly suitable for all glass positions with low pressure requirements, such as: atriums, skylights, gyms, restaurant areas and observation decks. It can be installed in normal vertical positions or even as a roof application. So there are no limits to creative designs.


Standard life-safety solution
Fire and/or high security
Extended range of features
Safety, Comfort, Design or Sustainability
Custom made life-safety solution

Endless Possibilities

Combine the comfort and energy saving attributes of SageGlass with other performance enhancements and products to create the most comfortable marine experience possible. Please contact us to find your custom-made solution.

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