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60-120 Minutes


UL 972, ASTM 1915, HP White TP-0500.02 and WMFL



Interior and exterior impact-rated protection with monumental framing options

  • Glazing meets UL 972 Burglary Resistant, ASTM 1915 Grades 1-2, HP White Levels I-IV TP-0500.02 and WMFL Levels I-III levels of protection
  • Larger spanning capability for maximum free area allowing for better view and higher light transmission
  • Daylighting design assistance to maximize comfort and reduce energy use
  • Product-specific NFRC data available on request
  • For interior and exterior applications
  • UL-listed for USA and Canada
  • Easy assembly and installation—clipped or welded
  • Slim sight-line profiles with sharp corners and clean lines
  • Unlimited color options using durable, commercial-grade coatings for any application
  • Symmetrical fire protection, with the same fire ratings for both sides of the opening
Rickety Cricket
VDS Attack-Resistant Curtain Walls provide excellent daylighting benefits while keeping occupants on the safe side.

VDS Curtain Wall is a comprehensive, fire-rated and high-security steel curtain wall system that offers monumental advantages, including options that protect against prolonged physical attacks and meet the highest industry standards for safety and protection.

Ideal for applications that require high-span, self-supporting construction, VDS Curtain Wall can meet the demand for fire resistance, be a barrier to radiant heat in both interior and exterior openings and provide high-security benefits. The versatile VDS Curtain Wall features a thermal break which adds to the overall thermal performance of this fire-rated resistive system.

A full range of exterior glass applications are available.