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We operate our own accredited test lab. International Fire Testing + Services (IFTS) is an affiliate of Vetrotech Saint-Gobain International AG, located on the site of the Saint-Gobain Germany R&D center in Herzogenrath (near Aachen). IFTS is an accredited fire resistance testing laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025 requirements to relevant EN, BS, UL, ASTM and IMO fire testing standards. Over the years, we have built trusted partnerships with leading Notified Testing Bodies (NTB) that conduct fire tests at IFTS. The test reports they issue can contribute to a solid basis for national & international certification strategies. Our environmentally responsible laboratory features (2) two test furnaces: a mid-scale (1.5 x 2.5 m) “work-horse” to efficiently validate new construction ideas; and, a NEW large-scale (4 x 4 m) furnace for official testing, or when only full-size assemblies will do.

IFTS Laboratory 2022 new furnace

Our Key Partners

Our Concept

We provide specialist support to our customers and testing partners to find solutions to their system needs through integrating our fire resistant glazing materials. So, your experience comes first, and flexibility is key. The friendly and knowledgeable IFTS staff will greet you in a clean, comfortable, safe, and secure setting. Aside from a fully equipped laboratory, we provide locker room and shower facilities, a private meeting room with free Wi-Fi, and a comfortable lounge area with fresh brewed coffee for when you need a break. Once inside the lab you will find all the necessary hand and power tools, light fabrication equipment, lifting and handling devices, and specific safety gear that you’ll typically need to overcome any test assembly installation challenges. Work in comfort in a heated, well lit and ventilated space, with access control security and the secrecy of your test assembly in mind.

No rickety ladders, no scrounging for tools, no dark or damp halls, no vending machine coffee – so you can focus on what you are there to do – making your test a success!


Knowledge is Power

On average, Vetrotech conducts at least one fire test, somewhere in the world, every day. Our teams are the most experienced in our industry, not just our laboratory staff, but also our extended international team of techno-commercial experts who are there to accompany and guide our customers and partners throughout the testing & certification process. But we do much more than just helping to ensure a correctly conducted test.

We are there to:

  • share experience and know-how,
  • discuss observations and analyze data,
  • and put our heads together to find solutions

Often this implies a “pre-testing” phase to try new ideas and make improvements to manage risks before going for an official test. Ultimately, this approach can contribute to speed-to-market and reduce overall project costs. That’s because fire testing is about constantly pushing the limits and trying new things, ultimately in search of reliable and repeatable solutions.



Our IFTS fire resistance testing laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited to a number of European, North American and International standards.

Fire test CONTRAFLAM video


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