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Vetrotech Saint-Gobain doubles production output within the UK

Vetrotech announces the take-over of operations of the Contraflam production line located in Coventry, which was formerly operated by Saint-Gobain Glassolutions. With its integration within Vetrotech, the specialised “Business Unit” dedicated to fire resistant and high-security glass products in Saint-Gobain, the company unites its UK sales organisation and production under its direct management. 
Production site Coventry


On the production line inaugurated back in 2010, the company now plans to further expand the range of “made in Britain” fire resistant glass products to ensure reliable lead times and maintain a high quality of service and customer care. Led by an experienced production team, already the site has increased its labour force by over 100% and doubled production output to ensure increased available capacity to its customers.

Vetrotech is not only boosting production capability and the standard of service to their customers, but they are also boosting the local economy at a time when uncertainty is rife, thus firmly asserting their commitment to the UK and its heightening demands for reliable, durable and sustainable fire safety solutions.

“I’m very proud to unite customer service and production under one roof, ensuring reliable lead times and maintaining the highest levels of service. This move is a powerful sign and demonstrates Vetrotech’s strong commitment for the business location in Coventry and production in the UK. With this integration, the Coventry site becomes 1 of 5 dedicated production facilities for Vetrotech in the European market”

 - Rob Wood, Sales Area Manager UK and Ireland.

Founded in 1980, Vetrotech was the first company to be uniquely specialised in the development, manufacture and distribution of sustainable fire-resistant and high-security glass of the highest resistance classes. First entering into the UK market in 1986 and later producing in Coventry for coming up on ten years, Vetrotech has a well-established history and local presence, known for premium quality fire-resistant and high-security glass solutions, combined with multifunctionality that satisfy the highest requirements of their customers.

The facility, located in Coventry, produces the leading industry brand “Contraflam” for the UK, the Republic of Ireland and Continental European markets. Containing a transparent, intumescent interlayer that becomes opaque and acts as a heat shield in the event of a fire. The Contraflam family of products offers fire resistive performance to E/EW and EI classifications from 30 up to 120 minutes. Variants include Contraflam Lite and Contraflam Structure, its patented “butt-joint” solution.

Vetrotech is uncompromising in their commitment to high-security and fire-resistant glass solutions, with their number one value being that: People’s safety always comes first. They offer the best operational efficiency for their customers, giving maximum comfort and peace of mind to end users, all with superior aesthetic quality and multifunctionality for frame builder and architects all around the world.

This step is part of Vetrotech’s strategy to achieve sustained growth within the UK and assure customer service to the highest standard.