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Vetrotech is pioneer in passive fire protection and high-security glazed solutions. As one of the world’s leading experts in this industry, we combine more than 40 years of experience with unique high-performing, multifunctional solutions. As key partner, Vetrotech works closely with its customers to provide systems adapted to any application or risk scenario. All our know-how is used to bring safety to ANY building project and to advocate for healthier, more sustainable construction.




We take our responsibility seriously, a core value in our DNA for over 40 years.


  • Now entering our 5th decade, we still abide by this principal and apply it to an ever more expanding range of protective fire resistance and high security performance solutions. We make life safety an embedded function, then bring on top an ever-broadening range of comfort, aesthetic, and performance features. While others now make these claims, we have consistently delivered upon them over decades.


  • Every Vetrotech product is produced to the same exacting and highest specifications and quality standards, irrespective from which of our manufacturing sites or production lines it was produced. This enables us to ensure delivery of durable and dependable products around the world. At Vetrotech we do not make a special “test sample” quality. Instead, we aim to produce a high-specification industrial product that performs reliably to be randomly sampled and tested for proof of compliance.


  • But even the best product remains just a single component within a “system” – be it a door, partition, window, façade, floor, or other fire resistant or high security building glazed element. That’s why, to bring peace of mind to our customers, we provide an unmatched level of expert techno-commercial support to ensure that Vetrotech products are fit for purpose and fully compliant for any given application.


The original fire-resistant safety glass specialist: often imitated, but never equaled.



Bring us your challenges, then let’s put our heads together to find the right solution.

  • Our experienced techno-commercial teams are trained to work closely with you; to listen, understand, and help identify the right answers for your project. Our regionally based technical experts and local market specialists, spread over the continents, are familiar with your applicable regulations and market specificities to adapt their offers accordingly.


  • Over the years, we have developed trustful partnerships with industrial manufacturers and specialty fabricators of doors and framing systems all over the world. Whether in the field of fire protection or security; or, architectural building or marine & offshore. Indeed, when we put our heads together with our customers, combining our collective experiences and know-how, solutions are bound to follow. Beyond offering the services of our experts' team, being a member of the Saint-Gobain Group family enlarges our innovative capacities and provides a vast resource.


  • On large or complex projects, we are uniquely qualified to support professional design and engineering consultancy services. Why not a “design-assist” solution, even based upon Fire Safety Engineering (FSE), to address specific risk scenarios yet deliver a functional and pragmatic solution? In such one-of-kind cases, we are likely to find ourselves together in the test laboratory to prove compliance and bring innovative, value engineered solutions.


  • And nobody tests more than us – about 400 x per year since we’ve entered the new millennium! Perhaps for a new system or application; a large project of all sorts; or, for R&D and quality control purposes. Whether at external testing laboratories around the world; or, in Germany at our own “state-of-the-art” ISO 17025 accredited fire resistance testing lab or inhouse shooting range. We also partner with leading third-party testing & certification bodies to provide their expert witness and issue fire test reports to ensure acceptance and inclusion into national certification schemes.

Trust us to partner with you to help realize solutions that ensure life safety, no matter what.



Go beyond life safety, opt for the widest range of sustainable solutions that optimize comfort and blend with the building fabric.

  • Whatever your project’s architectural vision, we can customize our range of fire resistant and high security products and systems to meet your specific safety, comfort, design, and sustainability requirements. For instance, enhanced sound reduction or visual privacy. This is what we call “multifunctionality”.


  • For the exterior building envelop, being part of Saint-Gobain means we can easily integrate an extensive range of high-performance solar control and low emissivity coatings in double and triple glazing variants. Vetrotech’s flexible production process, and broad scope of certification, allow us to uniquely combine them on demand with our fire-resistant and high security products, to ensure people’s safety on land or at sea, no matter what, while offering them optimal comfort and energy savings.


  • Thanks to the transparency and natural daylighting attributes of glass, our passive protection solutions have the inherent advantage of discreetly blending into the surrounding building fabric to provide an essentially imperceptible protection. Indeed, with their near perfect flatness and transparency, one would hard-pressed to discern our specialty fire resistant or high security products from conventional processed architectural glass.


  • Advocates for more sustainable construction, all our glazed solutions are produced and distributed with respect to the environment. Indeed, all our products comply with the European Union REACH regulation, meaning they comprise no Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC), above 0,1% in weight. We publish EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) certified by third parties to communicate our products’ environmental impact in a transparent way. We leverage eco-innovation practices to further reduce the environmental impact of our company and our products.


We blur the line between what high-security systems should look like, and what glass can do.


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