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Glass feature
Fire Resistance
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Dubai Refreshments is a leading F&B manufacturing and distribution company in the Lower Gulf. The company introduced the Pepsi range of products to the UAE and has been doing the same successfully for almost 60 years. It is located at the heart of the new industrial hub midway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, at Dubai Investment Park. The new site is state of the art that meets the current requirements of the industry.

The new production facility is designed such that there are glass partitions which act as viewing glass across the length of the site. The glass partitions run the length of the production line, the warehouses where Pepsi bottles are stored and the quality labs where scientists and quality specialists run several tests on their produce. In order to maximize vision while ensuring fire protection, we recommended the Contraflam Structure Lite range of butt-joint frameless glass solutions. While maximizing vision, our solutions also ensure adequate fire compartmentalization to protect life and property in different areas of occupancies.

14mm thick Contraflam Lite in a Single Leaf Door

CONTRFLAM Lite (EW class)

2 hour fire rated single leaf doors for access areas and escape routes
20mm thick Contraflam Structure Lite in Steel Butt-Joint partitions

Contraflam Structure Lite

1 hour fire rated partitions used as viewing glass to the warehouse
Dubai Refreshments 02

Project key achievements

  • One hour fire rated butt-joint partitions across the length of the factory and warehouse - so that visitors can see through the viewing glass while making sure that the systems and goods are protected from fire hazards.