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Vetrotech Saint-Gobain Launches Improved PYROSWISS SBS

The updated PYROSWISS Smoke Barrier System (SBS) offers more flexibility in size and is even easier to install in a shorter amount of time.
Pyroswiss SBS
(C) K. Khalfi - Beaugrenelle, Paris

PYROSWISS SBS provides a transparent, frameless fire resistant barrier that guarantees comprehensive smoke protection for up to 120 minutes. The product is designed to control the movement of fire and hot smoke within buildings in the event of fire, blocking or rechanneling the passage of smoke or heat from a smoke-filled area to adjacent parts of the building and providing a safe escape route.

Vetrotech has made a number of significant improvements to the product, which has various uses including smoke reservoir boundary, channeling screens, corridor containment, and escalator and elevator containment. PYROSWISS SBS consists of toughened fire resistant safety glass with a choice of two fixings; Eco, a steel fixing or Design, a stainless steel fixing.

Larger sizes, fast and easy to install

As well as now providing PYROSWISS SBS in much larger dimensions (up to 2960 x 1500 mm), with both landscape and portrait size options, it includes two holes and fittings per panel for a faster and cost effective installation. Improvements also incorporate the addition of a brand new unexpected glass breakage protection ‘SAFE’ film option which prevents the glass from scattering if shattered.

Faster and easier to install, the products can be implemented to complement architectural trends both internally and externally. With its new, larger dimensions, landscape and portrait application options and its unexpected glass breakage protection, the improved product brings a number of new benefits for architects and specifiers alike.