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Skalen 24 - Sustainable Office building

Fenix sustainable offices
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FENIX gets new life with CONTRAFLAM Structure Lite Contour.

The industrial building in Hagastaden has gone through a major renovation and with the addition of three extra floors, FENIX is now a sustainable office building.

With a strong focus on creating a modern and sustainable building, the original design with exposed beams and concrete columns has been preserved.

The architect's wish for a butt-joint fire system facing the building's large atrium has been met by Vetrotech Nordic & Baltic in terms of design, functionality and safety.

CONTRAFLAM Structure Lite Contour is a curved butt-joint system without vertical frame profiles. With this impressive design, the glass panes create a unique look and provide a stunning light incidence through the building.

This is a unique project as it integrates curved fire resistant glass in the system to enhance the stylish design.

Arcona AB has carried out the total contract for the property, and together with our customer Osby Glas we have supplied fire resistant glass to Ryds Glas, who have carried out the glass work.

Vetrotech's product range is flexible meaning that the desired expression can be accommodated not only for this type of renovation but also in new buildings.

Contraflam Structure Lite Contour (153 m²)

Contraflam Structure Lite (395 m²)

FENIX Sustainable Building


The biggest challenge has been to find a glass solution with curved corners for the inner atrium.


  • Customer: Osby Glas
  • Glass fitter/contractor: Ryds Glas
  • Profile system: Schüco ADS/AWS 65.NI Fr30
  • Building contractor: ARCONA
  • Investor: Scius Partners AB
  • Photographer: Per Erik Adamsson
Fenix Sustainable building