Proven interaction between glass and HVAC

During last year, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain created a report that proves the interaction between the performances of the installed exterior glass and the HVAC system onboard. The study chose to analyse a typical cruise ship, as its volume does make the impact more obvious than any other type of ship. Other than energy-saving, comfort is a top-priority for the passengers and staff onboard. In this report, Vetrotech compared several glass types vs different HVAC systems in several areas of application and measured the outcomes. Also, varying temperature levels were taken into consideration. When the ship sails in an artic area the interior needs to be heated; when the ship cruises in Caribbean waters the passengers need the constant cooling refreshment of the HVAC system.

Find smart-energy solutions, whether the ship is a new-build or a renovation object

The HVAC system is chosen early in a project, whereas glass is part of the advanced design scope. Many times, the HVAC system and glass performances are not tailor-made to one another. However flexible the HVAC system, Vetrotech can assist you when choosing the best solution, either to keep initial investment low, or to help you achieve long-term energy sustainability. Let us help you find the right path to reach return-on-investment of under 6 months while enjoying energy saving throughout the life-time of your ship.

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During 2018 Vetrotech wants to be your advice partner in sustainable glass solutions

The report shows that by creating a “smart” interaction between glass and the HVAC system, massive energy saving occurs in public areas and the balcony cabins. Vetrotech wants to share these insights with you through our website, newsletter, articles, LinkedIn, and other channels. In case you are not yet subscribed to our newsletter, please send us an e-mail to or visit our LinkedIn page to connect.