Passenger Ships

Whether on the turbulent high seas or a calm river, cruise passengers are in search for an experience of a lifetime. When they are on board – in their own cabin, in the restaurants, in the health and wellness center – passengers expect ultimate comfort, both day and night. Vetrotech's wide range of glass solutions offers solar control, acoustic insulation and privacy options alongside all the integral safety features to make sure that passengers can fully enjoy their luxurious cruise.

Ferries may not need to cross the Atlantic, but they still need to deliver people and cargo with uncompromising safety. Gale-force winds, torrential rain and blinding sunshine can occur even on relatively short trips between islands – all of which can make the journey difficult. With our high-visibility glass solutions – featuring a wide range of solar and thermal insulation options alongside reliable fire resistance or high-security glasses – Vetrotech can make these journeys as safe and trouble-free as possible.

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Fire Resistance Contraflam
Energy Efficiency ClimaPlus
Stadip Lite
Pressure and Attack Resistance Vetrogard
Stadip Marine
Design and Comfort Seralit/Emalit
Privalit Stadip Silence
Heated Glass Thermovit
Thermovit PRO A0