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Copenhagen, Denmark

Nordea Headquarters

Nordea Headquarters
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The large Nordic financial company, Nordea, is moving into its brand new Danish headquarters located in the modern Ørestaden area of Copenhagen. The renowned Danish architectural company, Henning Larsen Architects, was responsible for the design of the building and the area surrounding it. Great emphasis has been placed on the functionality of the building and on making the area outside a pleasant park. Ørestaden is a fairly new area of Copenhagen, which has quickly become known for fascinating architecture.

Vetrotech supplied over 1'600m2 of Contraflam Lite Structure EW30 solutions. Among other things, Vetrotech's glass was used to realize the stunning and light-flooded atriums of the building, which are surrounded by an impressive installation of fire-resistant glass all the way up to the 6th floor.

"The Nordea project had strict requirements for documentation of sound reduction values. At Vetrotech, the presence of documentation is always crucial, and therefore we could swiftly provide sound reports calculated by our mother company, Saint-Gobain."

Kjeld Østergaard Nordic Country Manager, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain Nordic & Baltic, Denmark


Contraflam Structure


1680 m2 Contraflam Structure Lite
305 m2 Contraflam Structure Diamant

Additional Features

Nordea Headquarters

Project Key Achievements

  • Vetrotech was able to meet the very high architectural demands in light-transmission and quality
  • Contraflam Structure was the perfect solution to provide a high level of fire safety while acting as highly aesthetic architectural element itself

Project Key Challenges

  • It was a challenging task to serve the architect’s demands in glass clarity. Our solution: Saint-Gobain's Diamant Glass!
Nordea Headquarters
Nordea Headquarters

Project Stakeholders

  • Building owner: Nordea Ejendomme
  • Architect: Henning Larsen Architects

Photography by Olaf Rohl