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Salesforce Transit Center

Transbay Transport Center 01
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Op de begane grond van het Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco’s nieuwe centrale openbaarvervoersknooppunt, hangt een lichte, levendige en uitnodigende sfeer dankzij de zuilen van licht – een combinatie van de bouwtechnisch aansprekende lichtkoepel en een glazen vloer die zonneschijn in het gebouw laten. De grootste van deze zuilen bevindt zich in de Grand Hall, de voornaamste openbare ruimte in het station, en vormt een lichtbron helemaal tot op de perrons, die twee verdiepingen lager liggen.

Architects Pelli Clarke Pelli specified the most demanding requirements for a fire-rated glass floor and skylight to date for this project including 2-hour fire rating, blast, and seismic resistance, live loading for foot traffic, and waterproofing.

Vetrotech and Greenlite Glass Systems Inc. produced and rigorously tested an innovative solution involving horizontal fire-rated glass, structural glass, and spacers with airgaps to avoid replacing glass due to dirt and condensation issues that would develop with foot traffic and the outdoor environment.

CONTRAFLAM LITEFLAM-XT-120 system – a walkable fire-rated glass floor and skylight was created specifically for the transit center. As the only exterior multi-panel system to pass all of the tests and comply with the specifications, CONTRAFLAM LITEFLAM-XT-120 allows the light columns to flood the Grand Hall with natural light.


Special Composition


1400 square feet (130 m2) Contraflam Liteflam XT120
as fire-resistant floors and skylites
Transbay Transport Center

Project Key Achievements

  • The only fire-rated seismic-resistant product on the market
  • The first 2-hour exterior fire-rated seismic- resistant, blast-resistant flooring in the USA
  • Only glass fire-rated glass floor with sacrificial sheets

Project Key Challenges

  • 10 years warranty
  • Fire testing
  • Durability and weather testing
Transbay Transport Center 05
Transbay Transport Center 04


  • System Partner: Greenlite Glass
  • Building Owner: Trans Bay

"Greenlite Glass Systems Inc. was approached by Pelli Clark Pelli Architects in 2008 to assist them with their vision of “Light Columns”, which bring natural light from the main level down to the grand entrance. Our LITEFLAM fire-rated glass floor system was the only solution at the time – but I knew the project specifications and new challenges where going to be a feat of modern glass technology that only VETROTECH could help us solve."

Ryan Dennett Greenlite Glass Systems Inc, Canada