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Amsterdam, Netherlands

New Amsterdam Courthouse (NACH)

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The Amsterdam Courthouse with fifty different courtrooms, over one thousand employees, among them two hundred judges, is by far the biggest of the eleven courts in the Netherlands. Glass plays an important role, being used as fire-resistant and high-security glazing within the superstructure.

Since May 2021, the proceedings of the Amsterdam jurisdiction have taken place in a new building, which combines function and aesthetic in a clearly structured and simultaneously inviting way. Fire-resistant and high-security glass from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain Benelux, constructed in the high-quality classifications EW30, EI30, EW60 as well as EI60, contribute to the security of this large-scale complex.

This building was designed and built by the NACH (New Amsterdam Court House) consortium on behalf of the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (RVB). The central hall equipped with escalators opens along an enclosed garden and a series of courtrooms, creating a sea of space and light.  

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain Benelux conducted development tests on a project basis to create a distinctive feature in the new courthouse with the special combination of fire-resistant and high-security glazing. Approximately 400 m² of fire-resistant glass CONTRAFLAM and CONTRAFLAM LITE, in the classifications EW30, EW60, EI30 and EI 60, were used in various combinations. In addition, almost 90 m² of VETROGARD BULLET RC2 and RC3 were installed.  


EW30 & EW60, approx. 200 m²


EI30 & EI60, approx. 200 m²


RC2 & RC3 Classification, approx. 90 m²

Key achievements

  • Fire-resistant and high-security glazing specially developed for this project. 
  • Different combinations of fire protection and attack resistance solutions, and additionally provided with penetration resistance, sound insulation and bullet resistance glazing.
  • All our glass solutions were inspected by a recognised authority or verified through a fire test.

Key challenges

  • Vetrotech was chosen as the preferred partner by the customer to help realizing his project and answer specific requirements.
  • Agentor worked closely with Vetrotech Saint-Gobain to develop solutions meeting all of the safety criteria. 
  • A multitude of different superstructures for our fire-resistant and high-security glazing were  installed.
05_Courthouse Amsterdam ©Fernando Guerra FG+SG


  • Customer: Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (RVB), Den Haag/NL
  • Building Contractor: Konsortium NACH (New Amsterdam Court House), Amsterdam/NL
  • Architect: KAAN Architecten, Rotterdam/NL
  • Photographer: Fernando Guerra FG+SG
  • System Partner: Smits and Aalbers Wico
  • Project Partners: Agentor, ABT, DGMR, Isolatieglas,Scheuten, Heijmans