Vetrotech Saint-Gobain acquière la société de portes coupe-feu vitrées Lunax

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain, spécialiste des solutions vitrées de protection des personnes et des biens, a annoncé son acquisition de l’entreprise Lunax bvba, une société belge spécialisée dans la vente de portes coupe-feu vitrées sans cadre périphérique. Cette solution de niche permet à Vetrotech Saint-Gobain d’élargir sa gamme de systèmes innovants afin de mieux répondre aux tendances architecturales qui vont vers la combinaison de la transparence, du design et de la haute sécurité.

Lunax Double Door

The Lunax door exclusively uses Vetrotech’s versatile and multifunctional CONTRAFLAM fire resistant safety glass. Since its introduction in 2012, a number of project have been completed throughout Europe and abroad over a growing network of authorised installers. In line with the Saint-Gobain strategy, this acquisition will allow Vetrotech Saint-Gobain to develop its portfolio of innovative systems and to expand into new segments and territories. Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is then looking forward to expanding the network of authorised installers and partners across Europe, and the world, as they widen the range of Lunax solutions and add more functions.

I am very proud to announce this acquisition as it opens up new business opportunities. We have noticed a strong trend to minimise framing elements and maximise transparency as evidenced by the high interest of architects and designers in this product. The uniqueness of the Lunax door will create value to our customers and partners, as it enables fire doors to be completely integrated into the design aesthetic.
Guillaume Le Gavrian CEO Vetrotech Saint-Gobain

The innovative Lunax system is a double-acting fire-door, fire-resistant on either side, which consists of a maximised glazed surface with only four discreet door clamps. It contributes to creating a transparent, bright and contemporary interior with a strong sense of space. Thanks to the broad capabilities of the Saint-Gobain Group, the Lunax door can be customised on demand. It allows the architect to design fully-glazed partitions with minimum framing elements. Unlimited choice of handles, possibility of screen printing, coloured glass and many additional decorative options enable architects or building owners to express their creativity. The Lunax system meets E, EW and EI classifications for both 30 and 60 minutes fire-resistance.