About Vetrotech

For us, there can be no compromise: People’s safety always comes first. Let’s make sure we’re on the safe side together!

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain - Services Fire Testing


Functional beauty for your life-safety glass projects

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain was the first company fully specialized in the development, manufacture and distribution of sustainable fire-resistant safety and security glass of the highest protection classes. For now nearly 40 years we have been delivering world-class glass solutions for fire and security applications.

For us, people always come first. This is why our mission is to protect life and property in great living places together with our customers. At the same time, we guarantee ultimate operational efficiency for our customers, maximum comfort and peace of mind for our end users and superb aesthetic quality for designers and architects all around the world.

We never stop developing and improving our products to ensure that our glass unconditionally protect both people and property. By carrying out nearly 500 tests per year – within external as well as our own internal state-of-the-art facilities – we make certain that you can rely on this promise. This also entails monitoring sustainability and taking our environmental responsibilities seriously to safeguard our common future.

For offices, healthcare, educational, hospitality and public buildings, as well as marine applications of all kinds, Vetrotech has the expertise and capability to fulfill all your life-safety glazing requirements. Vetrotech’s product range is multifunctional and will make your next project stand out when it comes to performance and aesthetics.

Vetrotech Mission Kid
Our shared mission to protect

We ensure that our innovative life-safety products offer impeccable functional quality and reliable performance to protect life and property at all times while also preserving the environment. In implementing this mission we know we can count on the support of customers who trust our products and services. This is our shared mission. Let’s make a difference together.

Schüco Vetrotech Partnership
Our shared trust in partnership

We want to be globally recognized and perceived as your most reliable partner in the market of fire-resistant and high security glazing solutions for beautiful and secure living places. We are committed to earning this trust by acting reliably and supplying excellent customer service throughout.

Vetrotech Promise
Our shared path to success

We enable our customers to successfully deliver their most ambitious projects by providing them with the appropriate solutions and technical support. Since 1980 we have successfully built our expertise in specialty glass for life-safety applications. By sharing experiences together we want to contribute to making your projects a resounding success.

Sustainability Saint-Gobain
Our shared commitment to the planet

We share the goal of SAINT-GOBAIN to become the benchmark for a common, sustainable living places. This ethos is at the heart of Vetrotech Saint-Gobain. It is a strong commitment to creating great living places through a combination of safety, comfort, design and sustainability. For us, sustainability entails taking care of the planet, its people and their prosperity at every stage of a building’s life cycle. “Glass Forever” is our commitment to the sustainable future of construction. It’s a journey that we want to take together, step by step, with all our employees and customers.



Saint-Gobain is organized into three sectors – Innovative Materials, Construction Products and Building Distribution.
Each has its own growth drivers contributing in a complementary manner to the overall group expansion.


Der Sektor Innovative Materialien umfasst zwei Hauptaktivitäten: Flachglas und Hochleistungswerkstoffe, die die technologische Stärke von Saint-Gobain widerspiegeln. Mit fast 32.000 bzw. 27.000 Mitarbeitern sind diese Aktivitäten weltweit präsent und produzieren in 42 Ländern bzw. 45 Ländern. Mit seinem einzigartigen Portfolio an Materialien und Verfahren für den Lebensraum- und Industriemarkt verkörpert der Sektor die innovationsorientierte Kultur des Konzerns und trägt fast zwei Drittel zur gesamten Forschungs- und Entwicklungsleistung des Konzerns bei. Zusätzlich zur Entwicklung neuer Produkte und Materialien setzt der Sektor operationelle Exzellenzprogramme ein, um sein stetiges Engagement für Qualität und Service zu unterstützen.


Der Sektor Baumaterialien bietet Lösungen für den Innen- und Aussenbereich, um den Komfort in Gebäuden und Wohnungen zu erhöhen. Die breit gefächerte Geschäftstätigkeit und die hochkarätigen Marken wie ISOVER, PAM, Weber, Placo, Rigips, Gyproc und CertainTeed machen sie zum Benchmark in ihren Märkten. Der Sektor hat den Vorteil einer globalen Verankerung mit einer umfassenden Präsenz in schnell wachsenden Märkten. Mit rund 47.000 Mitarbeitern in 61 Ländern ist der Sektor Baumaterialien der weltweit führende Anbieter von Lösungen für den Innen- und Aussenbereich. Er entwirft und fertigt innovative Lösungen zur Verbesserung der Wohnqualität.


Der Sektor Baufachhandel wirkt sich aufgrund seines ausgeprägten Verständnisses der Kundenbedürfnisse beschleunigend auf die Habitat- und Baumarktstrategie des Konzerns aus. Mit mehr als 61.000 Mitarbeitern und rund 4.100 Verkaufsstellen in 24 Ländern bildet der Baufachhandel Sektor von Saint-Gobain ein solides Netzwerk von General- und Fachhandelsmarken für die Märkte Renovierung, Neubau und Baumarkt. Der Sektor richtet sich an Handwerker, kleine und mittlere Unternehmen, private Projekteigner und Grossunternehmen über ein Netzwerk leistungsfähiger, komplementärer Volumen- und Fachhandelsmarken. Er spielt eine Schlüsselrolle, wenn es darum geht, Handwerkern dabei zu helfen, sich neue Techniken der Gebäudesanierung anzueignen und anzueignen.


The Vetrotech management team unites a diverse range of experienced, international and open-minded executives. They are instrumental in placing the strategic focus on customer service and profitable growth in order to successfully follow our mission: To protect life and property in modern architecture with innovative glass solutions.

Guilaume Le Gavrian, CEO Vetrotech Saint-Gobain Int. AG



With 22 years of international experience in the glass industry I strive to maintain Vetrotech’s focus on excellence in customer service, manufacture and development of fully-compliant solutions, and sustainability. My goal is to create the best possible customer experience to earn your trust as a reliable partner.

I joined the Vetrotech family in 2015 as CEO. Leading such an international business with such a wealth of intercultural relationships is a great professional experience. With the strong technical expertise and customer focus of our teams we can be sure to accomplish our shared mission of protecting life and property all around the world together with you.

I consider myself a multi-national person and have lived in six different countries. In order to keep up with the energy this job requires I run three times a week. I am also a keen musician: I play the guitar and sing whenever I can to relax and have fun with my family and friends.

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain - Alfred Giesbrecht



Glass is a noble material. I’m proud to have spent a professional lifetime of entrepreneurship in the glass industry. Having been with Vetrotech since the beginning and having lead the integration into Saint-Gobain, I am witness to the power of what can be accomplished by working together towards a common goal. I’m well known for my favorite motto: “No risk, no fun!”

My role today is to provide continuity with the past and to support the management team and Saint-Gobain to ensure Vetrotech’s future. I share my vision and adapt the strategy to face opportunities and challenges in whatever lies ahead.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my family – especially my grandchildren. I’m also an avid golfer and active in my community.

Nicolas Duhem



I joined the Saint-Gobain group in 1985 and gained several years of experience in accounting, corporate finance, internal controlling and merger and acquisition. As a result of the acquisition and integration project of Vetrotech in 1995 I became CFO of the newly created Swiss Vetrotech Saint-Gobain. I am proud to have contributed from the outset to the development and growth of what is now the international benchmark in the fire-resistant and security glass business.

To work for Vetrotech Saint-Gobain continues to be an extraordinary adventure – thanks to our drive for change, our exceptional products, our experienced teams and the loyalty of our customers to achieve our common mission of making this world a safer place.

I am dual French-Swiss citizen and have been living in Switzerland for over 20 years. In winter I like to snowboard and in summer I go hiking in the mountains. Renovating my chalet in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland – built over 220 years ago – is my other passion and is my personal contribution to a sustainable habitat.

Kirk Ratzel



My first experience with Vetrotech Saint-Gobain was as a customer. I am an architect by profession but have spent most of my professional career in the building products industry. I joined the company back in 1993, and was fortunate to work under the company founders who passed on to me their passion of developing and bringing to market fully transparent, fire-resistant safety glass.

What I like most about this business is that every day, together with our customers and partners, we contribute to a safer and more secure world.

I am a dual American-Swiss national but consider myself first and foremost a “citizen of the world”. Over the years, I have lived and worked in five different countries and have acquired much experience in international market development and sales. When I find some free time, I follow my other passion of riding and restoring classic motorcycles.

Guido Plum



I started my career in glass back in 1990 as a process engineer in the German subsidiary of Saint-Gobain in Aachen. In 1998, together with the founders of Vetrotech, I supported the development of the highly innovative Contraflam technology.

As Managing Director of the production site Vetrotech Kinon Aachen and Business Manager Protect I was for many years in charge of producing and developing security glass products that comply with the highest life-safety industry standards while also producing fire-resistant glass for Vetrotech in Aachen. I’m now carrying this drive into my new responsibility as Operations Director overseeing our processing and manufacturing activities.

The commitment of all our employees and the loyalty of our customers help me to focus on optimizing our production processes, developing new products to drive innovation and deliver our solutions in the best final quality possible.

I am German but see myself as a multicultural citizen. I have a passion for cycling and enjoy spending some quality time out in nature with my family and friends.

Tina Bürgi-Ravenne



Shortly after my law studies at the university of Berne and Bologna, I started working in construction-related industries before I joined the Vetrotech family in 2015. I speak four languages and am pleased to leverage this advantage in our multi-cultural organization.

I am Swiss, married to a French citizen and have lived in Italy for a while before returning to Switzerland. I consider myself a real bookworm – I read two to three books a week – and love having a nice meal with friends. Now that I’m a mum of twins, I’ve cut back on my sporting passions of basketball and lindy-hop as well as rock’n’roll dancing to enjoy quality time with my own family.