Blast resistance (EN 13541)

Did you know that the shock wave of an explosion can transform standard glass into deadly projectiles? Designed to be flexible, blast-resistant glass remains in its tested frame by absorbing the force of blast waves according to the respective blast resistance classification.

Vetrotech High-Security - British Embassy, Warsaw

Protected against flying glass projectiles

Blast-resistant glass is based on an ideal combination of the rigidity and compressive strength of glass with the plasticity and energy-absorbing properties of polymer interlayers, such as PVB. The classification ER1 to ER4 depends on the corresponding amount of TNT that is simulated in a controlled shock-tube test mechanism, penetrating the glass by the pressure of a real-life explosion. The glass should remain in the test frame to prevent glass from becoming a weapon and harming people on the safe side.

Vetrogard BLAST
Laminated security glass




BR1-BR7 & SG1-SG2



Add many more features



This multi-layer laminated security glass range consists of a highly-engineered combination of various interlayer films and glass panes depending on the blast-resistance class. These layers are laminated under great pressure and heat to ensure their bonding and flexibility when being hit by a blast wave. The blast-resistant glass is always specifically developed in combination with a tested framing system on a project-by-project basis. It can be used in interior and exterior applications in public areas of greater risk, such as airports and transport stations, manufacturing sites, laboratories and chemical processing as well as public buildings and offices. We also offer a wide range of design features and security functions, such as colors, printing, additional fire-resistance and many more.

  • Certified to EN 13541
  • Sizes depending on project-by-project basis
  • Covering blast-resistance classification ER1 to ER4
  • Tested durability according to EN 12543-1 ff
  • Combinations with fire-resistance available
  • Countless multifunctional options
Vetrogard and Polygard PRO
Multi-threat resistance




Add many more features



With Vetrogard and Polygard Pro you may also combine additional security options such as fire, attack, bullet and blast resistance in one product. This gives you the ability to safeguard your next life-safety glazing project against multiple threats at the same time – without limiting natural light and the view to the outside world.

  • Multiple resistances all in one product
  • Combine with Contraflam for fire resistance
  • Certified to EN 13541, plus others
  • Countless combinations possible
  • Transparent high security solution

Add more features to our glazing solutions to make your ideas a reality.
Vetrotech supports you in design-assisting your projects according to your requirements and even further.
Take advantage of our capabilities and expertise to make your projects shine with multifunctional glass.

+ Protection

The PRO range offers security and confidence in the face of the combined threats of physical penetration and fire, ideal for fire doors & sidelights.

+ Alarm

STADIP ALARM sounds an active alert when broken for an elevated need of precaution.

+ Floors

Bring natural daylight deep into the building with LITE FLOOR, you get a walkable or drivable glass floors with fire resistance up to 2 hours.

+ EMS Shielding

EMS Stadip is the right solution to block electromagnetic radiation, to protect equipment from electronic interference or prevent eavesdropping in sensitive areas of a building.

+ Radar Interference

CONTRARADAR is can increase flight safety by preventing unwanted radar reflection to control towers from nearby buildings.

+ Clear view

THERMOVIT electrically-heated glass guarantees a safe view to the outside by preventing the creation of condensation or frost.

+ Noise control

STADIP SILENCE is the best solution for acoustic insulation to help you concentrate and create your quiet space. Keep unwanted noise out.

+ Dynamic Privacy

There are moments when you need privacy, and others when you want openness. With PRIVA-LITE we have the perfect solution for both privacy and transparency functioning dynamically.

+ Screens

For an extra level of privacy our SCREEN solution comes with integrated manual or motorized blinds for individually operable vision control.

+ Extra clear

With DIAMANT glass you can achieve maximum transparency and daylight transmission with a neutral aspect for true colors.

+ Climate control

Managing temperature and daylight are crucial to feeling comfortable in buildings. With thermal insulating glass units such as CLIMAPLUS or CLIMATOP we can adapt ambient conditions in any season of the year.

+ Transparency

While objects on display in a museum or in shop fronts should not be obstructed by reflection, they should of course always be secured. VISION-LITE is our answer.

+ Coloring

Limitless color options await you with laminated STADIP COLOR or EMALIT enamel colored glass.

+ Screen Printing

SERALIT is perfect for applying repetitive patterns such as points, stripes, squares, logos, or whatever crosses your mind, on a glass surface.

+ Digital printing

PICTURE-IT can be used to permanently print complex patterns, pictures and text on glass surfaces and create unique designs.

+ Shapes

Glass is very dynamic and so are the forms that you can create with it. We offer a wide range of different shapes to realize your modern architectural designs.

+ Curving

Architects often use bent glass to make their structures look and feel more natural. Many of our products can provide curved solutions.

+ Etching

Use translucency to bring a special touch with SATINOVO.

+ Double glazing

Thermally insulated CLIMAPLUS with Low-E coating are key to reducing the energy consumption of buildings and maximizing natural light – resulting in a smaller impact on the environment.

+ Triple glazing

Go the extra mile with CLIMATOP by getting the highest insulating properties with triple glazed units – our planet will thank you!

+ Solar Control

Interior spaces are protected from over-heating while managing daylight with the range of Saint-Gobain solar control coatings such as COOL-LITE. A cool and sustainable solution.

+ Tinting

PARSOL is our range of body-tinted glass. Choose your colored appearance and desired visible daylight transmission properties.

+ Self-cleaning

BIO-CLEAN glass limits the need for chemical cleaning materials or large amounts of fresh water. Who doesn’t want less cleaning?