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VDS® Fire-Resistive Door




45-90 Minutes





Fire-resistive door with maximum possible vision area

  • For interior and exterior applications
  • UL-listed for USA and Canada
  • Bullet-, blast- and hurricane-resistant solutions available
  • Easy installation of welded frames and door panels
  • Slim sight-line profiles with sharp corners and clean lines
  • Design assistance available to ensure code compliance
  • Multiple hardware options available
  • Factory pre-assembled and pre-hung to ensure operational hardware
  • Unlimited color options using durable, commercial-grade coatings for any application
  • Symmetrical fire protection, with the same fire ratings for both sides of the opening
Vancouver Mossom Creek
VDS Resistive Doors complement VDS Resistive framing systems for a fire-resistive solution that protects occupants from flames, smoke and radiant heat.

VDS Resistive Doors work with fire-rated glazing products and VDS Resistive framing systems to provide a fire-resistive door. Robust and durable with a streamlined look, clean lines and tight tolerances, VDS Resistive Doors also provide the maximum vision area possible for fire-rated doors. These fire-rated door assemblies showcase narrow styles and rails, and complete our fully insulated VDS Resistive Systems where doors are desired.

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