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60-120 Minutes


UL 752; NIJ



Interior and exterior bullet-resistant protection with monumental framing options

  • Meets UL 752 Levels 1, 3 and 4; and NIJ Level IIA levels of protection
  • Larger spanning capability for maximum free area allowing for better view and higher light transmission
  • Daylighting design assistance to maximize comfort and reduce energy use
  • Product-specific NFRC data available on request
  • For interior and exterior applications
  • UL-listed for USA and Canada
  • Easy assembly and installation—clipped or welded
  • Slim sight-line profiles with sharp corners and clean lines
  • Unlimited color options using durable, commercial-grade coatings for any application
  • Symmetrical fire protection, with the same fire ratings for both sides of the opening
Atlanta University
VDS Bullet-Resistant Curtain Walls provide excellent daylighting benefits while keeping occupants on the safe side.

VDS Curtain Wall is a comprehensive, fire-rated and high-security steel curtain wall system that offers monumental advantages, including ballistic-resistant options that provide bullet-resistant protection against a wide range of threat levels. Combining fire-rated protection with bullet-resistant PVB layers ensures multifunctional life-safety for all inhabitants.

Ideal for applications that require high-span, self-supporting construction, VDS Curtain Wall can meet the demand for fire resistance, be a barrier to radiant heat in both interior and exterior openings and provide high-security benefits. The versatile VDS Curtain Wall features a thermal break which adds to the overall thermal performance of this fire-rated resistive system.

A full range of exterior glass applications are available.