Ensure life-safety and clear visibility at all times

Vetrotech Blast-Resistance - British Embassy, Warsaw

Keep people in transit safe at all times

Public and transport buildings have to manage large flows of people every day, being highly frequented by government officials and citizens as well as visiting tourists, respectively. In the event of a fire or a physical attack, it is imperative that passive protection with suitable building materials is considered in the building’s design to contain potential threats, or – in the case of fire – prevent them from spreading.

By using glass, these buildings benefit from great design, daylight and open architecture while also creating safe and sustainable environments. Thus, glass improves the well-being of commuters and staff alike and puts their mind at ease while passing through or staying for a prolonged time in a public or transport building.

Highly frequented public spaces have to fulfil a number of special requirements, which need to be addressed already during the design and planning phase, and pose additional challenges during the construction stage. We have gained extensive experience in this field and will support you in ensuring the well-being of all building users.

  • Government and parliament buildings
  • Administrative institutions and offices
  • Public libraries
  • Jails and detention centers
  • Courts and law offices
  • Museum and cultural facilities
  • Police stations
  • Military facilities
  • Airports & Train stations