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More design variety for high-quality fire-resistant glass

Contraflam Structure Family
A wide range of colour variations, more daylight and high transparency: with CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE Elegance and CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE Vibrance, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is adding two more design highlights to its proven CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE product family. The new products open up further design freedom in indoor and protected outdoor areas.

Slim, filigree, frameless, flush, durable

For twenty years CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE has enabled the design of uncompromisingly safe rooms with the appearance of continuous, uninterrupted glass walls. The patented solution, which is highly valued by planners, architects and building owners, has been convincing in many configurations during this time. Now Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is continuing the success story of the first frameless, tempered fire-resistant glass with interlayer. With CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE Elegance and CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE Vibrance, the company is introducing two glasses that further extend the scope for design and thus offer even more possibilities for the development of individual and perfectly fitting solutions.

Maximum daylight with minimum visual obstruction due to a very thin butt joint

With CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE Elegance, it has been made possible to reduce the filigree silicone joint of CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE by a further 10 mm. As a result, the glass has the thinnest line of sight of all "hardened" butt joint fire protection glazing and thus enables the design of light-flooded rooms with highly efficient fire protection. CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE Elegance is suitable for interior applications and has the same robustness as the original. It is available in heights up to 3,210 mm and for fire resistance classes EI 30 and EI 60.

Design tone in tone or set contrasts

With CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE Vibrance, fire-resistant glass can be colour-coordinated with the surroundings. The vertical edges painted on the back are available in practically any Pantone or RAL colour and can thus achieve a uniformly restrained effect or set invigorating accents with contrasting colours, depending on your wishes and concept. By choosing neutral or reserved colours, for example, the glass merges visually with the background, making it virtually disappear. Optical counterpoints can, in turn, be set by picking up colours from the surroundings and thus explicitly using the glass walls as design elements. CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE Vibrance is robust, flexible and suitable for indoor use as well as for applications in protected outdoor areas. The glass is available in heights up to 3,800 mm for fire resistance classes EW 30/60 to EI 30/120 and can be combined with other features.

CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE product family: the patented flush glazing

CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE is a system made out of CONTRAFLAM EW30 to EI120 fire-rated glass, specially designed for use as a partition wall. Due to the special glazing with filigree, vertically arranged silicone joints, CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE does not require vertical frame profiles. This creates aesthetically pleasing and open room solutions that allow natural daylight and outstanding sound insulation values, which were previously not possible in fire protection.

The room-high glasses of CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE consist of thermally toughened single-pane safety glass (ESG) and interlayer layers in between. In the event of fire, these foam up and have a heat-insulating effect. The interlayer, is inherently UV-resistant and is also characterized by its high light transmission. The excellent UV stability of the glass is at least 2.5 times higher than required by standards, making the glass extremely durable. Due to its design as hardened, laminated safety glass, CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE has excellent impact resistance and is easy to handle, even with large pane dimensions.

All glasses in the Vetrotech product range can be combined with other features so that they cover the entire range of design and application areas. In addition, CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE meets the requirements for the use of shatterproof materials in escape and traffic routes. The system can also be used in a wide variety of ways in wood, steel and aluminium profiles or in other frame constructions.

Picture credits: © Vetrotech Saint-Gobain