Create pleasant, exciting and recreational stays by optimizing comfort in well-designed, modern and safe hotels, restaurants and other hospitality environments.


Increase comfort while ensuring the safety of visitors and staff

Modern, distinctive and comfortable environments not only provide visitors with a memorable experience but also create a pleasant work environment for staff. In a competitive market, potential visitors are looking to escape their daily routine and to enter new exciting worlds of comfort, design, service and complete relaxation.

Glass is the most versatile and widely used building material in contemporary architecture for the creation of these sophisticated experiences and environments. It captures customers’ attention and generates positive reactions, which might even lead to word-of-mouth or social media recommendations for their peers. At the same time such facilities need to offer the highest possible safety and security standards to ensure that both visitors and staff feel well looked after.


  • Hotels and hostels
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Spas and thermal baths
  • Swimming pool facilities
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Conference centers
  • Amusement parks and facilities
  • Sports facilities and stadiums