Glass solutions developed to meet unique demands in specialized applications


Glass solutions for special demands

Electrically heatable, burglar alarm, structural floors, aquariums & pools, and even electromagnetic shielding - Vetrotech speciality glass products can fulfill the highest requirements providing durable quality and reliable performance for every need.



Lite Floor is a laminated safety glass designed for load-bearing applications like floors, stairways, foot-bridges. Slip-resistance may be added with, acid eching (SATINOVO) or by screen-printing (SERALIT AND XTRAGRIP).

  • Safe and walkable by conforming with EN 18008-5
  • Customizable with features such as colours and patterns
  • Available with slip-resistant treatments
  • Possibility to combine with fire or blast resistance



Electrically heated glass for large-sized and special shaped windows. Thermovit Classic is suited for external applications offering a clear and undisturbed view no matter the weather conditions – even down to Artic conditions. Stays free of ice or condensation in cold climate zones, and without fogging in high humidity climate zones or applications such as swimming pools or spas or in application where a constant clear view is important such as airport towers.

  • Clear and undistorted view no matter the climatic conditions
  • Heating capacities between 0.5 – 30 W/dm²
  • Connection supply of 12 Volt – 440 Volt
  • Proven reliability since 1974
  • Available with 3 different control options
  • Combinable with our complete multifunctionality range



Stadip Aqua has been developed to withstand constant pressure, humidity and liquidity like found in aquariums and pools. The laminated glass contains a special interlayer which reduces hygroscopic properties and ensures ultra high strength glass bonding.

  • Endures constant contact with water
  • Resists impact and high water pressure
  • ISO 12543-4 certified



Laminated safety glass shields against radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation, also known as RF shielding. Enables openings in "Faraday's cage" enclosures which protect sensitive electronic equipment from the outside world into the building as well as the other way around.

  • Allows daylight and vision into secured environments
  • Shields against external radio frequency interference
  • Ideal for data centers, hospitals and high security building areas



Securit Alarm glass is a tempered safety glass with a visible or invisible alarm detector. When shattered it breaks into thousand little pieces and sets off an alarm dissuading intruders from entering the building.

  • Tempered safety glass
  • Visible or invisible alarm detectors
  • Can be incorporated in high-security glass
  • Easy electrical installation



Innovative glass flooring system for multi-sports applications. Features a flexible aluminum substructure with made-to-measure laminated safety glass. Underlying LED screens turn any space into a unique visual experience, transforming from sports court to concert hall or special events. More information about this product can be found on our partner website: ASB GlassFloor.


  • Extremely tough & durable, for indoor & outdoor applications
  • Unique elasticity, which excites all athletes
  • Unlike other surfaces, less skin burns from slipping or falling
  • Conforms to EN 14904:2006 for shallow elastic sports floors