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Lexus showrooms and service centres are centred around its customers. In a place where every customer is treated like a guest, there is a great deal of attention to detail.

While the leather chairs, earthy tones and the coffee tables are designed to provide the right luxury experience for VIP customer waiting areas, there is equal emphasis on the safety of the occupants and visitors to the showroom. The waiting areas in this showroom, designed by OAL Architects, has been compartmentalized from the display area with an EI 60 fire-resistant glass partition fitted with Contraflam 60 from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain.

The fire-rated glass partition offers a view to the display gallery from the waiting rooms and keeps the occupants safe from the hazards of a fire-spread. Contraflam 60 offers up to 60 minutes of EI fire-rating, which means that the glass maintains its integrity and provides complete thermal insulation for a duration of one hour.

27mm thickness (120 sq.m)

Contraflam 60-3

EI 60 fire-resistant glass partitions in waiting areas
Lexus - Photo 2

Project Key Achievements

  • The fire-rated glass partition offers a sound reduction of 43dB. The acoustic property of the glass keeps the noise from the showroom away from the calm of the waiting area.
  • The fire-rated glass partitions offers a clear view of the display area from the waiting room. The use of glass partition in the waiting area also increases the light coming into the room and makes the space look expansive, thereby adding to the earthy aesthetic appeal to the place.

Project Key Challenges:

  • The project required a glass partition  that would not only offer an EI 60 fire-resistance but also provide sound reduction > 42dB.
Lexus - Photo 3
Lexus - Photo 4

Project Stakeholders

  • Architect: OAL Architects
  • Glass customer: Mathew Metal
  • System Partner: Technal
  • Building Owner: Lexus - Al Futtaim Motors
  • Photographer: Chris Goldstraw