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Kormarine: an exhibition offering local market opportunities

Kormarine celebrates its 20th birthday – our visit report.

At the end of October 2017, the bi-annual exhibition Kormarine took place in Busan, Korea. During this – mainly domestic oriented, but 4th largest exhibition in shipbuilding worldwide - more than 44.000 visitors turned up to visit over 2.000 booths. The themes of this event were very diverse but dedicated to the maritime industry: from shipbuilding- & production plants to energy & environmental specializations.

Vetrotech participated, together with its customer and partner Jung Gong Ltd, to show the market our latest heated + fire-resistant glass solution: Thermovit PRO A0. This single-laminated glass is specially developed to meet the newest IGC Code, which states that wheelhouse windows of LNG carriers have to be fire-resistant classified A0. To offer more comfort and safety, Vetrotech developed a multi-functional glass that is not only fire-resistant, but heatable at the same time. As it is a single-laminate, the build-up is thinner than all other glasses offered in the market with the same functionalities.

Especially in times when market circumstances are tough, we find it important to stand strong together with our partners. Jung Gong and Vetrotech Saint-Gobain already have established a fruitful partnership for many years, and hope to continue the collaboration for many years more.
Linking local support and European product quality has proven to be a strong advantage to shipyards ship-owners, even in a challenging Korean maritime market - due to new-built competition, oil price levels and, on top of this, an abundance of existing carriers.
Despite all of this, flexibility and intense product development will offer opportunities as well. We spoke to many existing and potential contacts during Kormarine, all together we certainly can say that Kormarine 2017 has been an outstanding and fruitful exhibition
Ruud van der Steeren Marine Business Manager

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