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Get us involved early to collaborate on pre-design or specification development.


Vetrotech can be a valuable resource to the architect or consulting engineer in the design phase. We can bring specialized knowhow and experience to the construction team to improve cost, timing, constructability, quality, and value. We are experienced in cooperating in “design assist” or other engineering support agreements, as well as working under NDA’s. Let’s find the right framework that works best in your case to solve issues upfront to fulfil the design intent, as well as ensure an on-time delivery of a cost effective and code compliant solution.

Meet our Fire Safety specialist

martin Vo - Fire safety specialist
Martin Vo - Fire Safety Specialist

We provide answers to your specific needs

Have a project that needs a specific solution?

Large, unique, or complex building projects may require something out of the standard catalogue of solutions. Perhaps a never-before tested system, unique application, larger than ever before glass size, or specific multi-functional glazing combination. We can help provide you with the confidence to take that contract by bringing peace of mind that a successful project execution is within reach. This journey may lead us together to the test lab, or perhaps be solved by engineering assessment or project approvals. So, let’s work together to find the right solution.

Are you considering a Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) solution, and wondering what role fire-resistant glass can play?

When prescriptive standards are to simply too restrictive or costly, and a performance-based solution is sought, we can help you find a performant yet value-engineered alternative. For instance, perhaps your goal is to create safe separation distances and you wish to evaluate the trade-offs between EI class against EW class with varying efficiencies against radiant energy transmission. Or maybe, your fire risk scenario generates a specific fire load and time / temperature curve, together we can engineer a bespoke product composition to satisfy it.

Have a specific risk scenario requiring a customized high-security solution?

When an “out-of-the-box” solution simply isn’t enough, we will work with you to address specific criteria for ballistic, attack or blast resistance; or, some combination thereof – even including fire resistance. We are experienced at working within the parameters set by expert security consultants and partnering with specialized fabricators to bring functional and reliable “real world” solutions into being.

Developing a new system or enlarged field of application?

Let’s put our heads together to review designs, predict glass + system behavior, pre-test ideas, and ultimately create an efficient testing & certification plan. Perhaps make use of our ISO 17025 accredited fire resistance testing laboratory to speed time to market. All the while working in full confidentiality, safety, and convenience. More than ensuring a properly run a test, our laboratory and technical teams are there for our customers to help find solutions.

Helping to solve complex project requirements is where we really shine.


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