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Can you handle it? Model T

Can you handle it 3
In the series “Can you handle it?” we will focus on our 3 main types of handles and variants, explaining their differences but also show where they’re being used best. Today we will focus on our MODEL T. Lunax door handles are all being glued onto the glass, making the glass keep their fire rating. The whole idea of a transparent fire door is that it’s as invisible and transparant as possible. However, the parts that will be visible, better be finished nicely.

Modern Class

MODEL T is a cylindrical shaped pull handle. The modern design gives a different dimension to the fire door & is in general a popular choice for glass doors. This handle is mainly used for offices, private use & stairwells.

The MODEL T handles are attached to two mounting blocks, which are glued to the glass. The cylinder-shaped handle feels very comfortable both pushing as pulling the swing Lunax door leafs.

None of our handles have sharp edges and are completely safe in their use.

The MODEL T handles are available in 3 lengths and can be positioned in height by demand. The available lengths are:300 mm, 500 mm and 1200 mm

Absolutely one of our Top performers!