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Expo 2020
CONTRAFLAM solutions installed in 7 buildings of EXPO 2020

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain’s focus on creating high performing glazing solutions that provide optimal safety without making compromises through sustainable components that perform better at every stage of the building’s life, has proved a winning formula for WORLD EXPO 2020. The CONTRAFLAM® range of fire-resistant glass from Vetrotech was preferred for its reliable performance and superior aesthetics to ensure visitors’ safety and comfort at seven pavilions and other key buildings which are a part of the mega spectacle in Dubai.

The goal of fire protection in any building is to protect life, safeguard property, and ensure the unhindered continuity of important operations in the building. The use of fire-resistant glass in modern architecture has been on the rise owing to its superior functionality and scope for customization. In the Norway Pavilion and Russian Pavilion, the main entrances feature a 2-hour fire-resistant glass door fitted with CONTRAFLAM® LITE from Vetrotech. In addition to ensuring protection from fire, the glass door with its unmatched aesthetics and finish of the glass door is truly a welcoming sight to the visitors. The transparency offered by the glass door adds to the modern aesthetic which is characteristic in these pavilions.

In high-rise buildings, there is a risk of fire spread from one floor to another through the lift shafts, which act as a natural draft during a fire. In such cases, the use of a fire-resistant door in the lift lobby can prevent the spread of fire to the areas that are occupied by people. The fire-resistant glass doors in the lift lobby act as a barrier to protect the people inside from the onerous condition that prevail during a fire. Since aesthetics is a top priority in lift lobbies, glass doors are the most preferred choice. The lobby regions in the Oman Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, and India Pavilion have 2-hour fire-resistant glass doors fitted with CONTRAFLAM® LITE from Vetrotech.

Similarly, it is also important to provide the right compartmentalization in basements in order to control the spread of fire. At the Mobility Pavilion, the basements comprise a combination of fire-resistant doors and curtain wall partition systems that ensure that the occupants are well-protected and that the fire does not spread to other areas of occupancies. Vetrotech’s CONTRAFLAM 30, CONTRAFLAM 90, and CONTRAFLAM 120 have been used in the Mobility Pavilion.

Most importantly, Vetrotech is proud to be the preferred fire-safety solution provider for the UAE Pavilion, the pavilion of the host nation, where the VIP lobby, security rooms, and pantry rooms are protected by Vetrotech’s range of fire-safety solutions. At Vetrotech, there is no compromise when it comes to life safety. All our solutions are tested and certified as per stringent international standards and approved for use by UAE Civil Defence. With Vetrotech, you are always ON THE SAFE SIDE.