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New: CONTRAFLAM 30 Mega Climatop fire-resistant glass for exterior applications

Vetrotech’s trusted fire rated glass product, CONTRAFLAM Mega, can now also be installed in facades. Its transparent and UV-stable intumescent interlayers provide symmetrical protection against fire and hot gases, and meet the fire protection requirements of EI30 and EI60. With dimensions of up to 2,300 x 4,600 mm, it provides the best possible visible light transmission with double or triple glazing.

Maximum transparency, acoustical insulation and fire protection: This is what CONTRAFLAM 30 Mega Climatop promises. The extra-large "Mega" product line has been providing light-flooded and at the uncompromisingly protected interior areas since 2016.  

Now, in accordance with EN 1279-5, it can also be installed outdoors, expanding the design possibilities of large glass facades. The specific make-up of this fire-resistant glass gives it excellent sound insulation properties. All the advantages of standard fire-resistant glazing are retained in the Mega variant, and the glass can be combined with other functions such as solar control, design, shelling, etc. 

Advantages of XXL glass

In the building envelope, extra-large fire-resistant glass can be used to create exceptionally high fire compartments with a clear view outdoors, something architects today often design on the first floor in facades and atriums. Facades with a high proportion of glass allow a lot of sunlight to pass through, which is essential for health and well-being. They also bring out the best in interior colors. In all aspects, the dialog between light and color creates an inviting atmosphere of well-being.