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Vetrotech Saint-Gobain - IFTS Fire Testing


Over nearly 40 years of experience in the development, manufacture and testing of fire-resistant and high-security glass – we have put nearly 4,000 test certificates in place worldwide. We uniquely provide expert techno-commercial support to our customers and system partners, but true innovation comes when we exchange our knowhow and experiences. You can trust us to understand your needs, challenges and business requirements. From the outset, we support you in your ambitious projects, provide reliable services for your daily business and, together with you, think outside the box to solve complex applications or develop new solutions.

  • Innovation and Development
  • Design-assist
  • Fire-resistance testing
  • Security glass testing
  • Quality testing (mechanics & durability)
  • International certification expertise
  • Local support with global reach




We are pioneers in innovative glass products.
Vetrotech Innovation - Glass Research

Pioneering innovation

By leveraging the Saint-Gobain Group’s global network of R&D centers, we continually introduce innovations, breakthroughs and technological improvements on our products and production processes to offer the highest quality and durability. Pioneering entrepreneurship, scientific curiosity and the passion for our mission – to protect life and property while preserving our environment – is what drives us to extend and continually improve our innovative product range for our customers.

  • Total of 35 patents filed to date
  • 8 new products launched in 2016
  • 1 out of 4 Saint-Gobain products did not exist 5 years ago
  • Access to 3’700 R&D employees at Saint-Gobain
Vetrotech Design Assist

Design-assist and more

Glass is an innovative building material which over the recent years has become more technologically challenging, with nearly limitless combinations. Our experienced technical team can accompany profile-system partners and industrial door & window producers to integrate our products into their new developments. We support glaziers and fabricators to get the local approvals and project assessments they need to close deals.

For large projects, we can support Architects, Consultants, Contactors and Glazing Specialists to find solutions to even the most complex applications. Our broad and multifunctional product range can uniquely contribute to fire engineering solutions and realize value-engineering by adapting glass performance to the fire risk assessment. You name it, we make it.

  • Design-assist and co-development services
  • Local support for project assessments
  • Nearly 17,000 product combinations ready for sale
  • Access to Saint-Gobain multifunctional glass products
  • Support in complying with sustainable building labels




All our products and innovative solutions are fully compliant.
IFTS Fire Test


Everyday somewhere around the world, we conduct fire-resistance tests to realize new system applications and achieve national certifications. Operating our own “state-of-the-art” laboratory in Herzogenrath, Germany, we regularly carry out tests for product development, quality control, new applications and projects of all sorts. We provide expert support, and ensure total discretion, to your projects.

Our IFTS fire resistance testing laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited to a number of European, North American and International standards. On top of that, we partner with leading third-party testing & certification bodies to provide their expert witness and issue fire test reports to ensure acceptance in many target countries.

  • ISO 17025 accredited fire testing lab
  • More than 35 years of experience in testing
  • Around 400 annual fire resistance tests
  • 2 dozen experts working world-wide
Security Testing - Porz, Kinon


Our Testing and Certification division for High-Security Glass Products within Vetrotech is able to provide sophisticated mechanical and durability tests in our own facilities, including a shooting range. We provide test samples and expertise for the development of our customers’ and partners’ attack-, bullet- and blast-resistant glazing solutions certified under European and international standards.

In our changing world, life-safety is on our minds during every step of testing and quality control to deliver the best and most secure solution for glazed protection in contemporary architecture. Let's pre-test your system ideas together!

  • Cooperation in new product development
  • Over 300 shots fired on glass every year
  • Nearly 50 years of experience in security testing
  • Pre-testings prior to official system tests
  • 40 new certifications processes in 2016
Vetrotech Quality Testing


Our Quality, Standards and Audits department is responsible for systematic quality measures for Vetrotech manufacturing facilities worldwide. In order to ensure the highest level of product quality and reliability we go beyond the standard requirements. Consistent and strict manufacturing processes ensure a reliable product performance, which is our department’s main aim.

In addition to the required Factory Production Control under the CE-marking regulations, Vetrotech has implemented numerous quality checks and manages continuous review and improvement processes. We strive to continue delivering products with the highest customer satisfaction in the market.

  • Ensuring product compliance, performance and quality from day one
  • Auditing of 14 Vetrotech and Saint-Gobain production sites
  • Surveillance of 5 licensed manufacturing facilities worldwide
  • Supporting industrialization of newly developed products




We provide the fitting glass solution to each certified system.
Vetrotech Certification

Compliance in every aspect

We ensure that our products comply with all relevant requirements, are tested in accordance with the applicable testing standards, and fulfill national building regulations in their end application.

Regardless of where our products are produced around the world, they are made by like machinery, using identical manufacturing processes, and to the same exacting standards. Third-party certification bodies routinely audit our production sites to ensure compliance to a number of international certification schemes.

  • Audited by third-party certification bodies around the globe
  • Covering solutions in nearly 4,000 certificates worldwide
  • Local certification support by our Sales Area Technicians
  • Several manufacturing sites, one quality standard
  • Shared certification for new developments and projects