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Bern, Switzerland

Haus der Religionen

Fire Haus der Religionen, Switzerland
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Fire Resistance
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The House of Religions in Bern is a multifunctional meeting center, unique in the world. It offers to members of various world religions a dignified place for their cultural events, all united under one roof.

The required fire safety is provided by a variety of fire-resistant glass solutions from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain. A special insulating glass composition was developed and installed as an external floor application in front of the building, in order to let natural daylight into the basement area. Inside of the building the idea of transparency prevails and is ensured by 470 m2 of Contraflam and Pyroswiss fire-rated safety glass.

Pyroswiss is a toughened fire safety glass, extremely robust to thermal stress and therefore the ideal barrier against hot smoke and flames.

Contraflam on the other hand reduces heat radiation with its intumescent interlayer and turns opaque in the case of fire, which prevents building occupants from panicking. In case of fire, this properties create a fire threat compartmentalization and therefore a safe escape route for the building's occupants.




Pyroswiss as partition walls


Contraflam EI30 and Contraflam EI60
as partition walls and fire doors
Floor Application


Walkable Climaplus double-glazed unit
as floor application
Haus der Religionen - Bern, Switzerland (Photographer: Olaf Rohl)

Project Stakeholders

  • System Partner: Wicona I Sapa building systems
  • Building Owner: Halter AG I Entwicklungen, Stiftung Europaplatz – Haus der Religionen
  • Installer: MLG Metall und Planung AG, Bern
  • Architect: Planergemeinschaft Bauart Architekten und Planer AG, Urbanoffice Architects, Amsterdam

Photography by Olaf Rohl