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Can you handle it? Non-standard handles

Can you handle it 4
In the series “Can you handle it?” we will focus on our 3 main types of handles and variants, explaining their differences but also show where they’re being used best. Today we will focus on our non-standard handles. Lunax door handles are all being glued onto the glass, making the glass keep their fire rating. The whole idea of a transparent fire door is that it’s as invisible and transparant as possible. However, the parts that will be visible, better be finished nicely.

Custom and Colored handles

Handles wrapped in leather, custom paintjobs & colors or even complete custom handles especially tested for project purposes, with complete different looks: all of these are possible and have we done in the past. We’ve got some strict terms for them, but with the right mindset and creativity we can fully adapt and realize the most beautiful transparent Lunax fire doors that you'll see!

Curious to see examples? We’d like to know more about your creativity & ideas!

For now this has been the last part in this series.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the website or any social media channel.

It can be that depending on national regulations above varies slightly per country. If so, our local teams will definitely advise you in the most correct way.

Wrap it up, send us your ideas and we'll be in touch!