Take a closer look at new Keralite Select.


New Keralite Select combines our advanced composition with patent-pending surface polishing technology to create a float-like quality for the sharpest, most accurate color viewing glass in its class. It features a 97.1 color rending index for true color and has the lowest haze value at 0.5%.
See for yourself: The image above compares standard fire-rated glass ceramic (right) to Keralite Select (left). The Keralite Select side is distinctly sharper.
What does a 350-year history of innovation and research mean? The answer's in the glass:

Keralite Select has the best combination of features including:

  • Innovative new surface polishing technology

  • True color

  • The lowest haze value

  • High VLT, Low UV

    Facts about Keralite Select  Download Keralite Select and Standard Datasheets


The Answer's in the Glass