Vetroflam - Radiation Control

Vetroflam® is a transparent and fire rated glass that provides protection against flames and smoke, and is impervious to gases. In the event of fire, it remains transparent, and has a special heat-reflective metallic oxide coating that offers partial heat radiation reduction. This keeps the “non-fire” side of the glass at a comfortable temperature for between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the chosen variant.

It can also be laminated using a PVB layer, providing an extra level of security, which might be required for overhead or sloping glazing.

For effective thermal insulation, all Vetroflam® products can be constructed as Climaplus® or Climatop® insulating glazing units.

Vetroflam® is only available in countries that recognise the classification 'EW', which means that the glass offers partial heat radiation reduction (<15kW/m²). It is not an insulating product.