Effective protection, assured resistance with our security glass range

At Vetrotech, we're in the business of protecting people, property and possessions against every type of attack. Banks, government buildings, schools, airports, train stations, shops and shopping malls – all of these are potential targets, and all need the very toughest protection.

Our security glass solutions provide the effective protection you need, whatever type of building it may be. Part of our PROTECT range, Vetrogard® and Polygard® can withstand many forms of burglary attack. These high-security glass products protect against the forcible use of tools – from a simple heavy-duty spanner to the most powerful drilling and grinding machines. Our bullet-resistant glass protects against firearms with the heaviest calibres, up to 20mm. And our blast-resistant glass protects against explosive devices, with the capability to resist pressure loading in excess of 200kPa.

So strong are Vetrogard® and Polygard® that they can stop many types of bullet from actually penetrating the glass at all, and can stop explosions from shattering it. Depending on the chosen variant, the glass is sometimes manufactured with an interlayer. In this case, even if the pane breaks, any fragments will stay bonded to this interlayer. This safety feature is invaluable for all buildings, as it offers another element of protection for people in the vicinity.

Our bullet- and blast-resistant solutions for building applications are CE marked to the highest production standard (AVCP System 1) to ensure life safety. Consequently, all glazing that achieves this rating must be checked at regular intervals by an independent test establishment to make sure it conforms to European production guidelines.

Vetrogard® and Polygard® can also be combined with our fire-resistant products and many other multi-comfort functional solutions.

We also offer Vetrogard® Pro and Polygard® Pro – products that offer multiple types of resistance. Such products could include, for example, bullet resistance against guns of varying calibres, combined with attack resistance against powerful drills.