Priva-lite - When privacy is needed

When privacy is needed, Vetrotech has the technology to provide the instant solution. Priva-lite® is a laminated glass containing a liquid crystal film between two or more plastic interlayers. The glass has a naturally opaque appearance that blocks vision from the outside while remaining translucent from the inside. If unobscured vision is required – without any opaqueness – an electric current can be passed through the glass, causing the liquid crystals to align. The glass will then instantly become completely transparent.

Priva-lite® is suitable for multiple purposes. For marine applications, it can be used to give privacy to passengers on cruise ships, ferries and super-yachts at the press of a button. On land, it can be used for hotel rooms, or in banks, embassies or conference rooms – not just for walls but for partitions, doors and floor panels. It can even be used as a back projection screen or multimedia wall.

Priva-lite® consumes very little electricity and has the additional benefit of filtering 99% of UV light.