Power of Innovation

At Vetrotech, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of safety glass technology. Ever since Norbert Giesbrecht founded his glass business in Bern in the late 19th century, we have been constantly looking to develop new and innovative ways of manufacturing glass that will keep your people, buildings, vessels and assets safe.

Innovation has always been at the at the very core of our working practices – pushing us further and moving us forward – helping to establish Vetrotech Saint-Gobain as one of the world's leading glass manufacturers. Our constant emphasis on innovation continues to be a significant factor in our success. This is illustrated further by our extensive R&D and testing facilities – an area where we continue to invest heavily to develop sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions for the construction sector.

Our fire resistance testing laboratory in Herzogenrath, Germany is our seventh such facility, commissioned in 2013. This high-tech laboratory enables us to offer expert and confidential support to customers and industrial partners throughout the development and testing of their systems.

In all our laboratories, we put our new products through their paces – ultimately leading to the manufacture of innovative new safety glass solutions. But these innovations don't just relate to the type of protection the glass is designed to offer – fire, bullet, blast and attack resistance. Our R&D has led us to create glass solutions that are more adaptable and varied than ever while still offering uncompromising functionality to counteract today's threats.

We can make panes thinner and larger than ever before; we can make them frameless to blend seamlessly with the surrounding architecture; and we can make the overall system more flexible, UV stable and energy efficient. Not only that, but we can integrate acoustic, solar and privacy control options for a wide variety of applications.

We currently have more than 20 patents worldwide, with more in the pipeline awaiting approval. Carrying out our tests in preparation for this stage is a vital part of our product development and crucial to our continuing success – and to ensuring that we take innovation to the next level. And with the increasing global emphasis on sustainability, we also work hard and proactively to ensure that our products comply with the latest recommendations and guidelines.