No more distraction through noise with acoustic insulation glass

Effective acoustic insulation is essential for comfort. For marine applications, products with this quality can be used on cruise ships so that passengers can shut out exterior noise to enjoy their privacy. On oil rigs and other off-shore platforms, crews need protection from the noise of machinery to comply with health and safety regulations. On land, acoustic glass can be used to block out noise in busy commercial areas, such as roads, railways and airports.

Vetrotech has a wide range of acoustic solutions to meet all requirements. Stadip Silence® is a laminated safety glass with highly effective acoustic properties for both land and marine applications. It is made from two or more sheets of glass bonded together by one or more acoustic Polyvinyl Butyral interlayers, known as PVB(A).

Acoustic options are also available with our Climalit® and Climaplus® products, depending on whether standard double-glazed units are required or whether thermal insulation is needed as well. For Climalit®, the acoustic insulation is formed by trapping dehydrated air or gas between two sheets of glass using the latest dual seal technology. For Climaplus®, one of the two panes is thermally insulated and then bonded with the other.

Both Climalit® and Climaplus® Acoustic products offer effective protection from everyday outside noise in public and private buildings. Where a greater degree of acoustic insulation is needed – such as in airports – Climalit® or Climaplus® Silence offers the highest degree of protection, with double-glazed units bonded in the same manner as for Stadip® Silence.