Marine security resistance

Our glass solutions protect people, vessels and possessions against every type of threat – not just against natural extremes but against all forms of attack. Ships, tankers, ferries, oil rigs and all manner of off-shore vessels – these potential targets all need the very toughest protection. Whether your vessel or platform is under attack from intruders, ballistics or explosives, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our solutions offer maximum security and reassurance.

There are many threats that you might face at sea:

  • Terrorism: requiring protection of the wheelhouse, the engine room and living quarters
  • Piracy: demanding the need for glass that is attack-, bullet- and blast-resistant – including in cargo bays
  • Explosion: this could be deliberate or accidental. In either case, blast-resistant glass is a life-saving necessity
  • Burglary: especially on cruise ships and ferries, where there are hundreds or sometimes thousands of passengers, they want to be assured that their personal possessions are safe.

Marine Stadip®

Marine Stadip® Protect is a laminated safety glass comprising two or more sheets of glass bonded together with an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). A weight-saving solution that is considerably lighter and stronger than ordinary safety glass, it provides the strength and protection that is usually only found in thicker toughened glass options. If used specifically for exterior marine purposes, the overall glass construction can be adapted and strengthened to accommodate the increased pressure resistance that marine applications require.

Marine Stadip® Protect is also very adaptable. Not only can it be combined with other Vetrotech products to provide an effective fire-resistant solution, but it can integrate a number of useful features such as solar, acoustic and privacy control options.