Marine fire resistance

Fire is one of the biggest threats to the safety of people and property in any situation. But at sea, where escape routes are more limited, the stakes are even higher. As a marine client, you need to put your trust in products that will protect your passengers and crew if the very worst happens – and that's where Vetrotech can come to the rescue.

We have a range of highly durable fire-resistant glass solutions that we have extensively tested, proving their uncompromising efficiency to protect people and property. Many of our products include intumescent interlayers that react and expand when exposed to fire – providing an effective shield against heat, smoke and gases. This glass turns opaque, blocking the view of the fire, which minimises panic. Glass without an interlayer remains deliberately clear to make people aware of the  danger and to inform rescue services about the fire's location.

Whatever your requirements, we can guarantee our products' integrity for between 30 minutes and 120 minutes, depending on the chosen glass.

As well as these fire-resistant credentials, all our products can be combined with many other options, offering complete flexibility. These include self-cleaning, solar, acoustic and privacy control options, with some products also offering bullet and blast resistance as well. 

Pyroswiss® Marine

Pyroswiss® Marine provides the most effective barrier against smoke, flames and toxic gases for up to 30 minutes. A specially pre-stressed and tempered clear glass, it is between five and ten times stronger than ordinary glass – but can be made comparatively thin if required. It is also UV-stable and remains clear in the event of fire.

We use special heat treatments, a high-performance toughening process and heat-soak testing to produce Pyroswiss® Marine. Apart from altering the thickness of the glass itself, we can provide a number of other variants. It can also be single glazed, toughened, or in a toughened laminate combination for internal glazing. For external use, it can be combined with our extensive range of low E (Planitherm) or solar control products, such as Cool-Lite.

Besides being fire resistant and carrying the classification BO-AO, Pyroswiss® Marine is the first product of its kind to offer class A impact safety to BS6206 and 1 (C) 1 to EN12600

Contraflam® Lite Marine

Stronger than ordinary glass, Contraflam® Lite is a clear safety glass which is fire-resistant on both sides, providing high-performance radiant heat reduction with partial insulation. In the event of a fire, the transparent UV-resistant gel, which is sandwiched between two toughened plates of glass, will foam and turn the glass opaque. A double peripheral seal also prevents moisture from penetrating. 

Contraflam® Marine

Contraflam Marine is a fire resistant glass which consists of toughened safety glass. The cavity between the sheets of glass is filled with a transparent intumescent silicate interlayer which reacts when exposed to fire. It is clear, UV stable, robust in handling and with numerous variations available.

The glass products available for the Hydrocarbon classification are produced out of two parts to decrease the weight and improve the handling and installation on board.

Classifications explained

For marine glass, there are three classification categories: B, A and H. Each of these, described in turn below, represents the integrity of the glass – that is, how long the glass will withstand fire.

When classifying glass, each letter is also followed by a number: 0, 15 or 30 for category B; 0, 15, 30 or 60 for category A; and 60, 90 or 120 for category H. This number represents the number of minutes that it will insulate against heat radiation, keeping the “non-fire” side of the glass at room temperature during the specified time.

Category B (which applies to Pyroswiss® Marine, Contraflam® Marine and Contraflam® Lite Marine) has an integrity of up to 30 minutes. It provides a physical barrier against flames, hot toxic gases and smoke. In the event of a fire, Pyroswiss® Marine remains transparent. Contraflam® and Contraflam® Lite Marine forms an opaque layer. Category B glass will provide heat radiation insulation up to a maximum of 30 minutes if B30 glass is selected.

Example: glass carrying the B15 classification will withstand fire for 30 minutes and will insulate against heat radiation for 15 minutes.

Category A is the same as category B, but has an integrity of up to 60 minutes. It also includes Contraflam® Marine as well as the products in category B. It provides heat radiation insulation up to a maximum of 60 minutes if A60 glass is selected.

Example: glass carrying the A0 classification will withstand fire for 60 minutes but it does not insulate against heat radiation.

Category H is the most robust category that applies to Contraflam® Marine; glass in this category has been tested with a Hydrocarbon fire curve. Beyond the protection provided by categories B and A, category H glass is designed to maintain its integrity for 120 minutes. It will also provide heat radiation insulation for between 60 and 120 minutes, depending on the chosen variant.

Example: glass carrying the H90 classification will withstand fire for 120 minutes and will insulate against heat radiation for 90 minutes.