Get the time that counts with fire resistant glass

There are few situations that pose a greater risk to personal safety than the outbreak of fire. Vetrotech can provide a variety of life-saving, fire resistant glazing solutions that will not only keep people safe, but will protect the building itself and its assets. Insulating against fire, smoke and hot, toxic gases, our glass is available in a number of variants to suit every building application – including frameless options for seamless architectural integration.

Classifications explained

There are three classification categories for our fire-resistant glass for building applications: E, EW or EI. Each of these represents the type of protection that the glass offers. That is, how long it will protect against fire, smoke and hot gases, acting as a heat shield and keeping the “non-fire” side cool.

When classifying the glass, each letter is also followed by a number: 30 or 60 for category E, and 30, 60, 90 or 120 for category EW and EI. This number represents the number of minutes that it will protect against fire.