Ensuring your protection

The safety of your people, guests or passengers is paramount; that's why you invest in attack-, bullet- and blast-resistant glass. Naturally, you want to be completely sure that it works... and Vetrotech can offer you that assurance.

In the district of Porz in Cologne, Germany, we have an advanced ballistic testing laboratory where we subject our security glass to a series of rigorous tests. From handguns to rifles, we put our products through their paces, ensuring that they meet the most stringent standards to comply with Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) system 1. All our other attack-resistant products – those that need to resist attacks from sledgehammers and other heavy-duty tools, rather than firearms – comply with AVCP system 3.

Ballistic Testing Laboratory in Porz, Germany – Vetrotech Saint-Gobain

Your safety is our business

But once we have made sure that our products conform to the required standards, we are not content simply to leave them as they are without trying to find new, innovative ways to make them even safer. We carry out continuous R&D to expand our knowledge base even further, always researching how we can make our products more resistant to increasingly powerful attacks. All our tests are extensively indexed and stored in our database for our ongoing development and reference.