Contraflam - Insulation


Contraflam® offers the most advanced safety glass features together with a high degree of flexibility.

Providing very effective radiant heat reduction for between 30 and 120 minutes, Contraflam® contains an interlayer that becomes opaque in the event of fire and acts as a heat shield. This useful feature minimises panic among the people that need to evacuate the building. It can be used for doors, partition walls, staircases, façades or skylights, and is available in many variants.

As well as benefitting from the fire resistance features associated with the standard Contraflam® product, the thinner Contraflam® Lite also provides protection against flames, smoke and toxic gases.

Contraflam® Horizontal is, as the name suggests, designed specifically for horizontal applications such as flat roofs. It is laminated at the bottom, which offers protection should the glass break.

Contraflam® Structure is frameless for flush-glazed interiors and exteriors, allowing it to blend into the surrounding architecture.

If there's a requirement for curved glass, there is Contraflam® Contour.

For effective thermal insulation, all Contraflam® products can be constructed as Climaplus® or Climatop® insulating glazing units.