Clear view thanks to heated glass

Heated glass solutions are essential for marine applications and safety. Unimpeded and undistorted vision is of paramount importance to ensure the safety of passengers and crew, however extreme the conditions may be.

Thermovit® Classic and Thermovit® Lite heated glass solutions provide maximum clarity of vision from the ship’s bridge at all times. They also offer comfort by preventing cold from penetrating the glass, helping to keep the wheelhouse and crew warm. In both cases, the glass is created using a special laminate with a flexible interlayer, which is electrically heated via conductive wires.

As well as being an effective heated glass solution, Thermovit® Lite is also a weight-saving solution. Because it is 46% thinner than standard glass, it can reduce the overall weight of each pane by up to 47%, which has the consequent advantage of reducing the weight of the frame and steelwork.

Both Thermovit® Classic and Thermovit® Lite can be combined with many other products from our wide range with safety, security and comfort features. Whilst highly effective for marine use, Thermovit® can also be used for many other applications, such as airports, swimming pools, shop windows, refrigeration cabinets, test chambers, and vehicles of all types.