Whatever your requirements, we're dedicated to providing multi-functional, specialised glass solutions – for safe, secure and comfortable building and marine applications.

20-year presence in the UK

During our 20-year presence in the UK, Vetrotech has become a leader in providing bespoke fire-resistant glass solutions, enjoying an increase in sales year on year. Besides these fire-resistant products, we also provide blast-, bullet and attack-resistant glass in the form of our PROTECT range.


Lunax Contraflam®: revolutionary frameless fire doors

Light and transparency are crucial elements in contemporary architecture. Lunax Contraflam® doors are the new breed of fire-resistant, frameless and self-closing glass doors by Vetrotech and Lunax, offering you the optimal fire door solution.

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Why Vetrotech

Power of Innovation

When it comes to innovation, we push ourselves to the limit - and then we go beyond it.

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Fire testing lab

When it comes to fire, you can't afford to take any chances. Our fire-resistant glass gives you absolute assurance and peace of mind.

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At Vetrotech, we take our responsibilities towards the environment and sustainability very seriously.

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Mon, 05/23/2016
Vetrotech UK has made a brand new staff appointment and is delighted to introduce Gavin Jackson to the UK Sales Area team as Sales Area Technician.
Tue, 05/17/2016
Vetrotech Saint-Gobain, the world-wide specialist in fire resistant glass solutions, is launching Contraflam® Mega for interior applications. Contraflam® Mega responds to increasing architectural demand for ever taller glazed free spans between floor to ceiling, without intermediate joints or framing. With a maximum width of 2,300 mm and height of 4,600 mm, Contraflam® Mega provides the largest clear insulating fire resistant safety glass available on the European market.
Tue, 01/12/2016
Vetrotech UK has supplied glass for a landmark installation by steel and aluminium fabricators, Arkoni. No.1 Forbury Place, Reading, features 114 tonnes of glass and includes a seven storey, four-sided glass walled atrium area with Vetrotech’s 28m thick Contraflam 30 structure featuring prominently throughout.


Feb 27 - Oct 31 , 2017

About Vetrotech

Vetrotech is one of the world's biggest names in high-performance glass manufacturing. Delivering world-class glass solutions for marine, fire and security applications, we are dedicated to making your building or vessel safe, functional and beautiful.

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