Whatever your requirements, we're dedicated to providing multi-functional, specialised glass solutions – for safe, secure and comfortable building and marine applications.

XXL glazing

How big is XXL glazing?

Building projects are becoming increasingly transparent.

More and more frequently, we see glass being used more multifunctionally in the market. Not only to create light within a building, but also to satisfy a multiplicity of wishes. It is important that the architect has freedom in development and design and that the specifier and principal are able to provide sustainable, flexible solutions in a building.

Glass Academy

The annual Vetrotech seminar: the Glass Academy

Every year, Vetrotech holds the Glass Academy for its customers and business contacts. Discussed during that day are recent building topics, rules and regulations and solutions that Vetrotech is able to offer in these areas. The session does not only cover provisions in glazing, it also raises practical ideas in construction in general. 


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Why Vetrotech

Power of Innovation

When it comes to innovation, we push ourselves to the limit - and then we go beyond it.

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Fire testing lab

When it comes to fire, you can't afford to take any chances. Our fire-resistant glass gives you absolute assurance and peace of mind.

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At Vetrotech, we take our responsibilities towards the environment and sustainability very seriously.

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About Vetrotech

Vetrotech is one of the world's biggest names in high-performance glass manufacturing. Delivering world-class glass solutions for marine, fire and security applications, we are dedicated to making your building or vessel safe, functional and beautiful.

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